Former paramilitary leader cautioned to Colombia

Former paramilitary leader deported to Colombia

BOGOTA – Some of Colombia’s most desired paramilitary leaders had been hauled back to his home state on Monday after committing 12 decades at U.S. prisons for drug trafficking.

Rodrigo Tovar, also called Jorge 40, came to a deportation airport and has been escorted by police into an area where officers shot his fingerprints. Even the 69-year-old former warlord sported a graying beard and wore eyeglasses, a face-mask plus a blue coat.

“He’s being held by police officers and the authorities” National Peace Comissioner Miguel Ceballos composed on Twitter. “And he might need to respond to the crimes he’s committed.”

After a local government officer in his own hometown of Valledupar, Tovar became among Colombia’s most feared paramilitary leaders at the early decade of the century, if appropriate wing militias fought leftist guerrillas for control of huge swathes of the nation.

He combined peace discussions performed by the government of Alvaro Uribe, that resulted in the disarmament of tens of thousands of paramilitary fighters in 2006. However, Tovar has been extradited to the U.S. on drug trafficking charges two decades later together with a few former paramilitary leaders. Tovar confessed charging coca farmers a charge for working in his lands, but denied with direct participation in trafficking.

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Colombian prosecutors have enticed Tovar of masterminding many mass killings in rural Colombia, such as an episode in the town of El Salado, in which 60 civilians were murdered and dismembered by paramilitary fighters who accused of financing up a guerrilla group.

Tovar confronts 35 detain orders in Colombia and countless investigation for alleged war crimes) His former coach and partner, Salvatore Mancuso, is fighting deportation to Colombia later serving a drug trafficking sentence from the U.S.

Tovar’s son Jorge, combined President Iván Duque’s government for a consultant this past year. In May he had been placed in charge of a division in the Ministry of the Interior which works on coverages for sufferers of the country’s decades old battle.

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