Former FM Sushma swaraj passes away at 67 after heart attack

The former minister of External Affairs and BJP leader, Sushma Swaraj passed away at the age of 67. One of the most prominent politicians of the country, took her last breath on Tuesday night at AIIMS. According to the reports by the doctors, Sushma Swaraj went through a heart attack before succumbing to death.

At around 10:15 PM, the senior-most leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party went to AIIMS hospital. The nurses and the doctors immediately took Sushma Swaraj to the ICU. However, the doctors could not save the life of the senior-most leader of BJP. Later, the family members took the body of Sushma Swaraj to Dhawan Deep Building, her home.

The end of an era in Indian Politics

According to sources, Sushma Swaraj’s body will head to the headquarters of BJP at 12 PM, Wednesday. After the body arrives in the BJP headquarters, the prominent ministers of BJP will bid adieu to their sister-in-arms. Later at the Crematorium of the Lodhi Road Electric, the last rites of the for Sushma Swaraj will take place.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi was deeply hurt after hearing the news of Sushma Swaraj’s death. The PM took it to Twitter and said that the death of Mrs. Swaraj is a personal loss to him and the political party. Moreover, Mrs. Swaraj will mark her place in the history of the Indian constitution. According to Narendra Modi, the death of Mrs. Swaraj was also a tremendous loss to the country.

Sushma Swaraj was sick since 2018

In the year 2016, Sushma Swaraj underwent a kidney transplant. By the looks of it, this is the only reason as to why Swaraj chose not to take part in the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Before her untimely death, Swaraj was pushing her schedule to travel to an overseas country as she was Indian’s Union Minister.

Swaraj’s last tweet was about the article 370. According to sources, Kashmir to become a part of India was Sushma Swaraj’s longtime dream.

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