Former Chicago Police Superintendent Sued For Sexual Misconduct And Also Accused Of Tampering With Proof | National

Former Chicago Police Superintendent Sued For Sexual Misconduct And Accused Of Tampering With Evidence | National

Ex-Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is accused of committing”shockingly violent” actions of sexual assault from an officer, that was also his former driver, at the night finally resulting in his firing this past year.

In accordance with this Chicago Tribune, in a lawsuit filed late Wednesday (October 14), Officer Cynthia Donald asserts Johnson mistreated and abused her for more than three decades, and afterwards destroyed evidence of this alleged misuse on his telephone once the town Inspector General investigated his behavior.

Johnson was seen as a figure who’d reform the section frequently draped in controversy after he was hired four decades back. Instead he had been dismissed after being found asleep at the wheel onto a town road, supposedly after an evening of drinking, then lying to Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

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“My confidence in coming forward openly… is that other girls that are also signs of harassment and abuse by Superintendent Johnson along with other man Chicago Police Department officers may have guts,” Donald said in a news conference Thursday, according to the Tribune.

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She continued:”The Chicago Police Department and town of Chicago have to be held liable for what happened to me personally, and what’s probably occurring daily to other feminine Chicago police officers like me”

Tom Needham, Johnson’s lawyer, stated on Thursday the former police chief”adamantly” interrupts the sexual misconduct allegations.

The suit comes after revelations that many officials are facing suspension due to their functions in the episode. The inspector general is expected to launch a quarterly record Friday with a overview of his analysis of the entire incident.

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