Food Hacks: 5 Clever Tips and Tricks to Save Money

food hacks

“Food and fuel prices are at an all-time high right now and are probably going to go up even more, so it’s crucial to think about ways to lower those costs, “food blogger Caroline Blight of The Happy Food Kitchen, where she offers simple, inexpensive family recipes, has this to say. “The most effective strategy to save money is to reduce food waste. Food waste is equivalent to financial waste. Some individuals think using a meal planner is the ideal way to achieve this, while others like to shop online to avoid making impulsive purchases. For my part, I prefer to browse the supermarket’s specials before deciding on our meals so I can get the greatest deals.”

Caroline goes on; “Additionally, it might be enjoyable to prepare a “random” or “use up” supper each week using all the leftovers. For example, a meal can be created from scraps of cheese, an occasional slice of ham, the last of a bag of oven chips, jars of pickles, and crackers. Here are the finest culinary hacks to make cooking easier and help you save money on food, including how to turn one dish into another, make simple homemade cheat’s ice cream, and extend the shelf life of a cake.

1. Prepare a Two-Ingredient Pizza Crust.

food hacks

I bet you never imagined that leftover yoghurt in the refrigerator’s back might be transformed into a pizza. Greek yoghurt and some self-raising flour from the pantry are all that is required to make pizza dough. Just add some cheese and passata on top (the remaining sauce may be used for spaghetti).

Instead of ordering a ready-made Margherita from Pizza Express at £5.50 from Ocado, you can make your own pizza and save a few pounds in the process.

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2. Create Your Own Upscale Beverages.

Drinks like iced coffees and bubble teas are all expensive drinks, but they can be made at home for much less money and in most cases faster than ordering in or going out to buy! “Caroline adds. “Instead of heating the kettle to create a short coffee, simply use ice, milk of your choice, and coffee syrup to make true iced coffee (while also saving electricity!)

I’ve discovered that Camp coffee, vintage chicory, and coffee syrup provide the most genuine flavour. For those who react badly to caffeine, it is also excellent. The tapioca pearls used in bubble tea can be purchased at Asian stores to rehydrate and mix into beverages at home.”

3. Convert Leftover Tacos Into Quesadillas.

“You might discover that after a Mexican dinner, you still have a few bits and pieces but not enough for a full meal. But if you turn that little amount of chilli, a couple of spoons of guacamole, a handful of grated cheese, and a few rough jalapenos into quesadillas, they’ll last longer “Caroline explains.

The best way to make a soft taco, which is essentially a flat toasted sandwich from Mexico, according to Caroline, is to place the wrap or taco in a dry frying pan, top with cheese and a thin layer of chilli, and cover with another flatbread and cook over low heat until the bottom is browned and the cheese has melted. Then, flip it over and repeat the process on the other side. You can have a delectable lunch by spreading some guacamole over it.

4. Make a Supper with Any Extra Mashed Potatoes.

food hacks

That leftover potato from your bangers and mash may not seem like it’s worth saving, but it has a lot of uses. Even if there are only a few spoonfuls left over, they can be utilised as the foundation for another dish, as it can be very challenging to determine how much cash you need for a dinner “Caroline explains.

“To make fish cakes, combine white potato mash with canned tuna or some mackerel that has already been cooked. If you have leftover sweet potato mash, use it to make savoury or sweet pancakes that are both tasty and packed with vitamins. And while we’re talking about mash, here’s how to consistently make creamy, lump-free mashed potatoes.

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5. Prepare in Bulk and Freeze Lunchbox Snacks

Pre-packaged lunchbox snacks are very pricey but practical. Make a treat box in your freezer that is more affordable and enjoyable. Prepare Rice Krispie cakes, brownies, flapjacks, cookies, and other baked goods; portion when cold; then wrap and freeze. Take one out and place it in the lunch bag the previous evening or even the following morning.

This way, you can give your kids far healthier delights like oat cookies and brownies baked with ripe bananas. It’s significantly less expensive and more inventive than buying a bag of triple-loaded chocolate brownies from Tesco for £3.35 or four Graze oat square bites from Sainsbury’s for £2.50 each. Making your own snacks in quantity is significantly less expensive over time.

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