Following six months away for COVID-19, Ontario prosecution trials softly resume using a Brampton trafficking instance

Criminal lawyer Christien Levien, seen here in his Brampton office.

A half-year once they had been selected for jury duty, 12 jurors returned into some Brampton court this week — although now they had been wearing masks and instead of sitting in courtroom, they went their individual ways.

Three reunite from the”jury box,” you facing two in the end of the rear row. Four jurors sat normally earmarked for prosecutors and you settled into a chair at the conclusion of this vacant captive box. Nearby, however distanced, four jurors sat in the close of the public gallery in a huge empty court marked with fluorescent recorded arrows along with Xs suggesting where audiences can and can’t sit.

Several yards off, close to the front, attorneys and court personnel took their positions recently installed plexiglass walls. Superior Court Justice Jamie Trimble presided out of a protected dais.

“What are the chances you would be sitting in a jury during a semester,” defence attorney Christien Levien commented to the prosecution during closing arguments he guessed he’d have left back in March.

Six weeks following the coronavirus triggered a national lockdown, jury trials have been beginning in a brand new COVID-19 entire world. The national justice department has clarified the resume as”one of the best challenges” facing our criminal judges at the pandemic.

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Court Managers are cooperating with a ballooning caseload and face a range of challenges getting prosecution trials back on course. They need to safeguard the health of jurors and justice system participants, although at exactly the identical time assuring defendants, a number of these behind bars, even have their own inherent right to a speedy trial.

Tens of thousands of finds have gone to Ontario residents, together with a few being advised to report to areas besides courthouses so social distancing could be accommodated. Back in Toronto, some taxpayers getting summonses have been advised to report to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre beginning next week, even having a reminder to attract masks or face coverings. On entering, potential jurors might need to finish COVID-19 screening, finds state.

In a very few situations, like the Brampton drug trafficking trial, jurors chosen ahead of the pandemic lockdown happen to be remembered to complete their civic obligation.

“Literally, COVID put in about the day we learned from our final opinion,” Levien clarified that week following court adjourned for the day.

On this afternoon in Marchthe judge told jurors that the event would adjourn forever and courtroom staff could follow up to determine regarding their accessibility in a lifetime. After the green light had been given for the trial’s resumption this week,” Levien was stunned by the answer.

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“It was mad as all jury returned. Each of 12. Kind of mind boggling because the idea is a whole lot of folks do not even wish to be on juries.”

The jurors coming in the A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse, in 7755 Hurontario St., discovered it almost deserted. However, cleaning personnel were wiping door grips and court personnel on high alert if somebody unexpected revealed up. In cases like this, a guest attempting to input court had been told that the judge would have to present his consent — that he did.

An indication on the court door stated a max of 35 individuals would be permitted. You will find fewer 30 folks present throughout Tuesday’s proceedings, for example, prosecution, employees, attorneys, accused along with two courtroom security officers.

Levien and prosecutor Ostap Melnik wore their black attorneys’ robes and so were permitted to make seated entrances without masks. Levien eliminated his time that he conducted through the motives the jurors — most of them sporting marks — must locate his client not guilty of heroin trafficking.

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It is not an ideal method to argue a situation, he states.

“The covers, the plexiglass hurdles, along with the scattered chairs of the prosecution made it considerably more challenging to check if the jurors were open to my entrances.”

On Wednesday, after hearing that the judge’s charge, the jury retired to deliberate from the courthouse’s brand new expansion in an”room large enough they may be socially distanced,” explained Levien. He thought that it was the very first time that the room was used.

After a couple of hours, the jurors returned into court and convicted with his client.


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The 33-year old Brampton native, that has been practising law for five decades, says he’s awaiting more trials that fall, even at a roundabout, so that he could fight for customers, some who’ve been languishing in prison awaiting their day in court.

He is not concerned about his own security.

“Because I am relatively young, even when I buy COVID, I believe that the chance of this being deadly for me or me becoming seriously ill, is significantly less than individuals older than me”

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