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Easy To Understand, difficult to Master: The Fate Of Atari – Amazon

Long before Nintendo and Sega were battling for supremacy, there was Ataria company which revolutionized video games because we understand it. However, while Atari is largely known now for resulting in the wreck of their home console sector at the first 1980therefore, there’s more to the narrative. The men and women who worked about the organization’s many products, notably creator Nolan Bushnell, tell their story from the 2017 documentary, Easy to Understand, difficult to Master: The Fate of Atari.

During this documentary, the largest names in ancient video games offer insight to the phenomena of a few of the most famous names in gambling and paint an image of these unorthodox approaches the company employed to be able to allow it to stand out above the rest and the way it provided for a number of the greatest moments in house console background.

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