Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Posts Sweet Throwback Pic With Bandmate Tyler Hubbard Amid Breakup Rumors

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley reminisces on the good old days for the country music group amid breakup rumors...

Is everything truly OK with Florida Georgia Line or are they just remembering good old days that are gone forever?!

As we’ve been reporting, fans have been speculating this week that the popular country music duo may have broken up after one band member and his wife unfollowed the other one on Instagram. As the rumors spread, the prevailing thought was that political differences — specifically how the two guys viewed Donald Trump — were to blame for a rift. But was that really true?!

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On Wednesday, not even 24 hours after the peak of the breakup talk hit social media, FGL star and Joe Biden celebration critic, Brian Kelley, posted a sweet throwback picture of himself and embattled bandmate Tyler Hubbard. In the pic, which you can see (below), the pair can be seen being interviewed after winning two trophies at the 2013 CMA Awards for their hit song Cruise, which dominated country music that year.

Judging by this throwback pic, then, it’d seem all was well with these two again:

Proving things are OK or re-living a memory they’ll never get back?? / (c) Brian Kelley/Instagram

Hmm… interesting! Of course, as you’ll recall from our earlier reporting, Hubbard and his wife Hayley — who had each initially unfollowed Kelley on Instagram, quickly re-followed the former college baseball player to try to cut down on the speculation flying around on social media.

Also on Wednesday, a source close to the Florida Georgia Line camp went on record with Us Weekly stating the pair was “as strong as ever” and “all is good” between them. Obviously, that could be the truth, or pretty significant PR spin to throw fans off the trail. But either way, it appears as though things are sort of back to normal again, at least on social media. Guess we’ll just have to see what happens when Biden gets inaugurated as President in January! LOLz!

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Seriously, though, it’d be shocking to see a successful duo like FGL break up over something like this, wouldn’t it? Believe us, we can certainly understand and sympathize with those who have shut out family members or friends for supporting Dip S**t Donnie. And so we wouldn’t be totally surprised if these guys fell out over that, too.

But these two are HUGE pop-country hit-makers who bring in a LOT of cash through their well-received music. Why ruin a lucrative thing over politics, ya know?! These guys live the country music dream — beer, hunting, four-wheelers, fishing, whatever else country guys are into — so is there really no going back thanks to Trump??

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are we right on with that??

Sound OFF with your take on what’s going on with FGL and where they should go from here, all down in the comments (below)…

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