Fletcher, dave the group, Van Walker: Newest record reviews

Fletcher, dave the band, Van Walker: Latest album reviews


dave the group, Slob Stories

(think ) ****

In the design tradition that gave us James, Travis, Brad along with george — and also at regards to the amount of Daves in stone (Grohl,” McCormack et al) — Newcastle’s dave the group do their bit to maintain’90s slacker stone (and rings with boys’ titles ) living. They station bands of this age out of Jebediah (Get Smart) into Custard (the Wild Okay!) . Then there is the inspo-rock of Brave (“Only because you are scared does not mean that you can not be courageous”) along with also the pendular guitar chime of Capsule. Their feline pub-rock-cum-punk provides off comparable vibes to Brisbane’s own Midnight F–boys, making them a group to see.


Fletcher, The S(ex) Tapes

(Capitol) ***1/2

As befitting a sex tape, also such as an abrupt break-up,” Fletcher’s brand new EP has dropped suddenly, inviting us to her mind as she awakens the contradictory emotions of her real life compelled singledom. Opener Silence contrasts involving deep-house and amazing bass, although the standout track is just one Bitter, using Aussie DJ Kito:”You are still within my head/But you are not in my bed… I left a preference from your mouth/Can she flavor me today?” Then you will find the to-hell-with-it sexcapades of One:”You are not the one/But you are the 1 right today.” Do not Say it’s thick with high pitched bass because she eschews phrases for sensual activity, although the plaintive Sense carries a softer acoustic twist in areas, because her vocals soar to new heights. “I only had sex with my ex at a New York apartment,” she confesses about the electro-pulse epilogue Gender (With My Morning ).

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Van Walker, Ghosting

(Independent) ***

Anxiety is your artist’s muse, and it does not get a whole lot more debilitating than the ordeal which amuses Ghosting. Five decades in the building, Van Walker’s newest graduated from the conclusion of a longterm relationship along with a psychological and physical breakdown. The end result is a selection of acoustic ballads which are as hot as they are uncooked and cathartic. “I need to be large, unless I am dead,” he participates Property Colors. A poignant four-minute instrumental intro strikes out Crystal Ball’s runtime to over 10 minutes). “This old universe finishes using a whimper/That we just vanish,” he sings To Be Sure, that translates into mournful harmonica. But memories need not all be debilitating, also Van Walker picks up the tempo, and disposition, about the bittersweet When You’re Mine. And it is not all private: nobody Knows mourns the charge to the surroundings of insatiable financial growth.

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