Five Most Anticipated Derbies in the Premier League this Season

Five Most Anticipated Derbies in the Premier League this Season

The English premier league for the 2022/2023 season is still ongoing, as there have been different stories and dramas in every week’s games. Since the League started, we have seen some strong teams dominating their opponents and getting top Premier League predictions. Teams like Arsenal, Manchester City, and Tottenham are currently in the top 3 in their standings.

Last season was difficult for every English Premier League team, but the team with the highest points, Manchester City, won the title.

Everyone knows that the Premier League is one of the most watched leagues in the world, and it is always fun watching some derbies playing together. Initially, if two teams from the same city play together, it has always been an exciting game to watch and a challenging one for both teams. 

Every season we get teams that face each other in tough matches tagged derbies, and they are somewhat tough matches that the result can change the tide of the season. These games give punters tough times as they try to make Premier League picks

So, we will be looking at one of the five Derbies in the Premier League. As it has always been a challenging game, we expect more actions from the teams again this season. Below are anticipated derbies we await. 

Manchester City vs. Liverpool

Manchester City and Liverpool have recently been one of the English Premier League’s most formidable rivals. They faced each other last season and on three different occasions this year, one of which was the Community Shield Cup. The community shield is usually between the League title winner and the FA cup winner.

Manchester City won the league title while Liverpool won the FA Cup over Chelsea. However, the Community Shield was an exciting game as Liverpool trashed Manchester City in a 3-1 victory. A beautiful goal came in from Trent Alexander Arnold in the 21 minutes to boost his teammates, which was the first goal in halftime. 

It was getting to the end of the second when Manchester City’s new signing, Julian Alvarez, pulled through with an equalizer in the 70th minute. Unfortunately, Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah and Darwin Nunes scored to finish the game and win the cup. 

However, the two teams will play in the EPL this season and on the 16th of October 2022. We hope to see another exciting game from both sides. 

Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Chelsea and Arsenal are one of the biggest rivals in the City of London. Their matches have been one of the most challenging games in the history of the English Premier League, as one of the Claims to be the Pride of London. 

They played home and away during the 2021/2022 season. Played first game in the 2021/2022 season was played on the 22nd of August 2021, where Chelsea won the game on 0-2 Victory over Arsenal. However, Arsenal balanced by winning the second leg on a 2-4 Victory at Stamford Bridge. 

Also, they played together in their pre-season games, when Arsenal whipped Chelsea ass on a 4-0 victory to win the Florida cup. They will play again in the new season, and we expect another exciting game from the two sides. 

Arsenal vs. Tottenham

Another Derby we are looking up to this season is Arsenal vs. Tottenham. They played games together, but after the 12th of May 2022, they played 191 games between the two teams since playing the first game in the Football League in 1909. Arsenal has won 79, and Tottenham has won 61 times with 51 games drawn. 

However, the 2022/2023 season is ongoing, and the two teams will face each other again for their 192 games in two months. Arsenal will host Tottenham on the 1st of October 2022, and we hope to see an exciting game as usual. 

Manchester United vs. Manchester City

The two Manchester teams are among the biggest rivals in the history of the English Premier League. The two teams have played 187 matches in all competitions, where United won 77, City won 57 and drew 53. They are one of England’s most successful clubs, winning 95 honors: a joint record 66 for United and 29 for City.

City and United will face off again this season as we hope to see an exciting and challenging game between them. This game would be part of the top Premier League predictions today

Chelsea vs. Liverpool

It has always been an exciting game between Chelsea and Liverpool. Their last season game was one of the game highlights you can watch many times as you want. Liverpool won two domestic Cups over Chelseas last, FA Cup and the Carabao Cup.

They are one of the Anticipated Derbies in the English Premier League this season. They will play their first game on the 18th of September 2022, where Chelsea will be the host. It will be a challenging game for the two teams, but it will be a good match not to miss out on.

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