First Time in In a Decade, Law Roach Discusses Himself on A Break from Celebrity Styling!

First Time in In a Decade, Law Roach Discusses Himself on A Break from Celebrity Styling!

Law Roach has decided to end his career as a celebrity stylist.

After announcing his retirement earlier this week in a since-deleted Instagram post, the respected image architect, 44, tells Media in a statement that he’s taking “some time to step away” and “focusing on myself for the first time in nearly a decade.”

“I have never relied on fashion as a source of money. I’ve spent so much time and energy cultivating this passion, and it’s become my method of interacting with the world,” Roach admits, adding that he doesn’t “intend to completely abandon it.”

Roach, who has created iconic looks for Zendaya, Céline Dion, Mary J. Blige, and Ariana Grande, among others, had previously announced the news on social media. In the message, he began, “My Cup is empty.”

“Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my profession throughout the years,” Roach continued. “I am incredibly appreciative to everyone who entrusted me with their image. If this company were only about clothes, I would do it for the rest of my life, but it’s not! Politics, falsehoods, and false narratives ultimately took me down! You emerge victorious… I’m out.”

First Time in In a Decade, Law Roach Discusses Himself on A Break from Celebrity Styling!

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In an interview with The Cut of New York Magazine, he revealed he is “absolutely, 100 percent retiring” from his work with celebrities.

“No one can say what is permanent or what will happen in the future, but at this time and in my mind, I’m retiring from celebrity style,” he added. “Because I enjoy fashion so much, I have no plans to leave the industry. I am, however, retiring from styling in the capacity in which I have been of value to others.”

The former member of Legendary stated, “It’s always best to quit when you’re on top,” elaborating that his choice has “been brewing for a long” after he “looked up one day and realized I’m not happy.”

“Since a tremendously long time ago, I have not been happy. And the convergence of everything that has transpired in my job over the past several days has essentially pushed me over the edge. The response is simply, You know what? I’ve attempted everything, “he added.

First Time in In a Decade, Law Roach Discusses Himself on A Break from Celebrity Styling!

“I am extremely grateful that I’ve been able to advance and ascend in this industry in the manner that I have. But I can’t say I accomplished it without pain,” Roach remarked, adding, “I don’t want to suffer anymore. I do not wish to be miserable. I do not wish to be at the beck and call of others and their teams. I intend to spend some time figuring out, you know, how to live.”

In addition, he noted that although he has genuine relationships with many of the celebrities he collaborates with, their team’s function as “gatekeepers” who stifle any potential collaboration.

“Always the story is, ‘Well, he’ll never treat you the way he does Zendaya. You are going to receive what she does not want “The star of Euphoria is one of his most notable clients and closest friends, he remarked, referring to her. “And this is untrue, as none of my clients have identical appearances. Like, I don’t use edits.

“I do not carry Zendaya’s unwanted edits in bags and offer them to other individuals. It’s always these tales, and I’ve lost a number of clients I truly cared about and wanted to work with due to gatekeepers “said Roach.

Roach also mentioned a recent incident involving Megan Thee Stallion’s crew after he dressed her for the Vanity Fair Oscars party last weekend, her first public appearance since her triumph in the Tory Lanez trial.

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First Time in In a Decade, Law Roach Discusses Himself on A Break from Celebrity Styling!

“One morning, I received a call from one of my clients, and it was her, her publicist, and a representative from a brand with whom I’m meant to work on a project,” he recounted. “Then I found myself on the phone with these three women, and I felt like I had to explain myself because one woman from the brand was like, “Well, he’s not communicating, and you’re not going to have a dress” and all of these other things. And there was an abundance of false statements.”

After Priyanka Chopra Jonas opened up about working with a stylist (whom she did not name) who made her cry over not being “sample sized,” Roach stated that it was “a little bit hurtful” to read that in the press, as she appeared to be referring to the Oscars event he styled her for the night before.

“Because that was not the actual conversation. She and I have never had that chat “He stated. “Again, it is the manner in which her gatekeepers portrayed what I said to her that has caused her to feel this way. And if that made her feel horrible, it was taken out of context and misinterpreted.

“But I’m certain that it was taken out of context to get her to say, “OK, I’m not working with him anymore.” He lacks sensitivity to my body. To which I respond, “How is that possible? I’ve been clothing you since basically before the outbreak, and nothing but good things have happened,’ “said Roach.

Roach said that his decision will result in “no Met Gala” for him this year and that his famous clientele will “find a new stylist.” Yet, he added that he “doesn’t have to style Zendaya” to remain her creative director and collaborate with other stylists on her look.

“I haven’t made a decision. Because our relationship is so close, she is allowing me to make this choice with grace “said Roach. “We’ve grown up together, so to speak. And that’s all I’ve ever asked for: for the people I’ve worked so hard for to give me grace when I need it.”

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