Finn Wolfhard’s group The Aubreys cover homage to terror in fresh’Smoke Bomb’ movie

Finn Wolfhard’s band The Aubreys pay homage to horror in new ‘Smoke Bomb’ video

Finn Wolfhard’s group The Aubreys have lost their brand new path’Smoke Bomb’, followed with a horror-themed audio movie.

The clip finds the Stranger Things celebrity and bandmate Malcolm Craig edited to classic movies, such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Shining. It was led at Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, who formerly worked together with Wolfhard on his movie Principles for Werewolves.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wolfhard comprehensive the inspiration behind the’Smoke Bomb’ songs video. “I love to dip my toe to each genre, however, dread has ever been extremely fun for me personally,” he explained. “I have always enjoyed it, particularly’70s ’80s terror.”

Wolfhard also commended Schaulin-Rioux’s directorial efforts, calling him”a whole genius” “We could not think what he did and we are really, really proud of it”

‘Smoke Bomb’ follows the launch of this Aubreys’ debut EP’Soda & Pie’ in March this year. Wolfhard and Craig surfaced their newest moniker back in January after predicting time using their prior group, Calpurnia.

“That is the very first time that we have collaborated on first tunes collectively,” Wolfhard informed NME in a meeting earlier this season. “With Calpurnia, it is similar to Malcolm did not have a state, however there were only more people so that it was more difficult to perform, and we would have to reply to one another. Whereas using The Aubreys, we all were replying to was one another.”

It has been a hectic period for Wolfhard’s Stranger Things castmates, together with Joe Keery releasing fresh path’Keep Your Head Up’ since DJO around September 9, his original solo material because 2019.

Meanwhile, the Stranger Items star David Harbour wed Lily Allen at vegas this week, celebrating the milestone with an Elvis impersonator and a visit to In-N-Out.

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