Final Season of “Supergirl” will premiere from 30th March on CW

Final Season of “Supergirl” will premiere from 30th March on CW
Final Season of “Supergirl” will premiere from 30th March on CW

According to the latest news, Supergirl Season 6 will come in March this year which means it will eventually return sooner than expected.The first half of the CW superhero drama’s sixth and final season will premiere on 30th March 2021. Note that it will occupy the timeslot of 9 PM following The Flash which is in generally occupied by Superman & Lois.

The recently renewed Superman & Lois drama is going on a brief hiatus because of a COVID-19 related production interruption. It will resume from 18th May 2021. This means Supergirl won’t finish its run until at least late summer.

Final Season of “Supergirl” will premiere from 30th March on CW
Final Season of “Supergirl” will premiere from 30th March

Due to the pandemic, like most other shows, the Melissa Benoist led drama’s previous season was cut short. The unplanned season 5 finale was a combination of the penultimate hour plus some of the previously shot footage.

In the season 5 finale, Kara (Benoist) and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) buried the hatchet and joined hands to defeat Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) and Leviathan. However, Lex was able to thwart the Super Friends’ attempts to stop him with the help of his mother Lillian (Brenda Strong).

As of now, there are no concrete details about the season 6 storyline. David Ramsey will reprise the role of Arrow‘s John Diggle and direct an episode co-written by series star Azie Tesfai. This is going to be the first for any Arrow actor and supervising producer J. Holtham.

Back in February, during an Instagram Live interview, Tesfai first revealed about joining as a writer for an episode and collaborating with Ramsey.

She said, “It’s been great, I think, the nuance of not just representing the Black voice, but the Black female voice, and every Black experience is different. To have David Ramsey directing the episode… that makes me really excited. Ramsey and I had dinner the other night and just talking about his perspective and experiences; they’re very different than mine. So, I think to have such a well-balanced [group] between me, J., who I’m writing the episode with, and David Ramsey, I think fans will feel really excited and hopefully seen and heard.” She also said “[Episode] 12, in my opinion, for Kelly, is the most epic episode of the season, so I’m excited to get to pen it.”

Tesfai said: “The fans have been very vocal about what they want to see for Kelly — and I feel like they know what I’m talking about — and they, especially in the back half of the season, will get everything that they want, and it makes me very excited.”

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