Fever Dream Ending Explained – What Happened to Nina?

Fever Dream Ending Explained - What Happened to Nina?
Fever Dream Ending Explained - What Happened to Nina?

Based on Schweblin’s novel of the same name, Fever Dream is a psychological thriller movie directed by Claudia Llosa and distributed by Netflix. It stars Maria Valverde in the lead role while Dolores Fonzi and Emilio Vodanovich provide supporting roles.

The movie centers on Amanda, a woman who gets engulfed in a string of shady events during her visit to a village in Argentina along with her daughter. What follows here is a mystery of the village and the horror that she experiences firsthand.

Fever Dream dubs a mysterious plot and always keeps viewers guessing the next turn of events. Let’s discuss the Fever Dream ending explained and talk about its final moments.

Fever Dream Ending Explained – What Happened to Nina?

Fever Dream Plot

The starts with a focus on Amanda laying down and surrounded by worms on the ground. She is carried by a young boy named David who is trying to help her. Through his words, he asks Amanda to try and recall the past.

While revisiting her memory, we find that Amanda arrived at this village in Argentina along with her daughter Nina. She there meets Carole, her neighbor, and her son David. Carole asks Amanda to not let Nina play with David because he’s been under the weather lately.

She reveals that the kids in the village are born with deformed bodies and nobody knows the reason. We later find in the movie but many hints are dropped as the plot progresses. As Amanda starts her vacation with her daughter, her stroll comes to a halt.

The Infection in Village

Throughout the movie, David communicates with Amanda during her dream fever period and tries to instruct her. Through several revelations, Amanda discovers that the water running by the river is responsible for causing the diseases in the village.

The water is contaminated with pesticides used on the farm. Since citizens drink water from it, it is killing them and hence causing the disfunction birth of the children. David was also one of the people who contracted this infection but Carole had found a solution for him.

When she went to the doctor, he recommended doing soul migration. It meant that half of David’s soul will remain in the body and half will be gone with poison. Carole made the hard choice to save her son and let him become semi-soul-less.

Fever Dream Ending Explained – What Happened to Nina?

Fever Dream Ending Explained – What Happened to Nina?

In the last moments of the movie, Amanda and Nina too contracted the same poison. Carole took Minato the doctor and migrate half of her soul to David to fill the void. On the other hand, Amanda was lying unconscious and David drags her as we saw in the opening sequence.

David tried his best to bring her to Nina, but she died in the midway. Carole succeeded in migrating the soul of Nina to David and once again making him complete. When Marco, Amanda’s husband arrived in the village to ask questions, he didn’t receive any answers.

He had no other option but to leave without seeking any closure. As he drove off with his car, David looked at it with an emotional face. After all, half of Nina’s soul now resided in his body. Marco wasn’t able to recognize his own daughter and Carole achieved her goal.

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