Fetch Rewards: Fetch Rewards Review 10 Things to Know Before You Sign up In 2022

fetch rewards

Many people believe that Ibotta is the best supermarket rebate app, but if you haven’t used Fetch Rewards, you’re losing out.

I’ve redeemed my points for more than $1,000 in Amazon gift cards since I first downloaded Fetch Rewards in January 2018 and started entering my food receipts on a weekly basis.

Here is a description of the shopping app and how it operates before I reveal my specific approach to using Fetch Rewards:

How Does Fetch Rewards Work and What Is It? Quick Facts

fetch rewards

What Are Fetch Rewards? Fetch Rewards is a rapidly expanding consumer loyalty app with its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Fetch Rewards celebrated scanning one billion receipts in April 2021. The Fetch Rewards app allows you to upload retail receipts, and when you do, you’ll receive points that may be redeemed for free gift cards.

Fetch Rewards is free for users, but how does it make money? Contracts with well-known businesses that are represented in the app, such as KraftHeinz and PepsiCo, bring in revenue.

What Stores Does Fetch Rewards Work With? Fetch Rewards accepts receipts from any store, regardless of where you purchase your goods. Receipts from stores including Walmart, Kroger, Target, CVS, Publix, and Dollar General are routinely uploaded by app users.

Fetch Rewards is a legitimate shopping software that offers free gift cards in exchange for users uploading retail receipts. It has ratings of 4.8/5 stars in the App Store and 4.6/5 stars in the Google Play Store as of July 2022.

Is Fetch Rewards Better Than Ibotta? Fetch Rewards is quicker and less time-consuming to use than Ibotta. Ibotta, however, offers a bigger sign-up bonus, additional earning opportunities, and flexible redemption choices. (Comparison in full here)

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1. Receive 2,000 Points Just for Registering

When a new user joins Fetch Rewards via a referral coupon, they receive 2,000 points ($2 worth), free. Start by clicking this link to download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Prior to scanning your first receipt, enter the referral code MICHAEL to earn 2,000 bonus points.

Fetch Rewards registration takes less than two minutes and only requires an email address or an active Google or Facebook account. You will be required to give your phone number, home state, and birthday. Create a strong password during the sign-up process to protect the security of your Fetch Rewards account.

At least one capital letter, one number, and one special character should be included in your password, according to Fetch Rewards. The security characteristics of Fetch Rewards are described in the following three ways.

2. Fetch Rewards Isn’t Afraid of Your Shopping Habits

fetch rewards

All of the main food merchants participate in Fetch Rewards. Whether you shop exclusively at Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Whole Foods, or a local supermarket chain, it doesn’t matter. The Fetch app now accepts receipts from any restaurant or store where you shop in addition to your supermarket receipts.

3. 1,000 Points Are Worth $1

Typically, every 1,000 points you earn with Fetch Rewards is worth $1. Gift cards are available for redemption starting at 3,000 points.

The best ways to redeem gift cards will be covered in more detail later in this article.

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4. It Takes 10 Seconds to Upload a Receipt

The major reason I suggest Fetch Rewards over Ibotta is that it’s so much simpler to use.

With Fetch Rewards, all you have to do to start earning points is upload your receipt to the app. There aren’t any deals that need to be unlocked or barcodes to scan.

However, you are only permitted to scan 35 receipts in a 7-day period, and receipts must be scanned within 14 days after the checkout date.

The time it takes to take a snapshot of a receipt and upload it to the Fetch Rewards app is typically around 10 seconds. In the brief YouTube video below, I show how this operates:

5. There Are Five Main Methods for Earning Points

fetch rewards

When you start the app, pay attention to the Special Offers listed on the Discover page to maximize your Fetch Rewards point earning potential. The best strategy to boost your points balance is to do that.

The following are the top five methods for earning points with Fetch Rewards

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Special Deals

The Fetch Rewards app often has a number of Special Offers accessible at any given moment. You can earn bonus points by just uploading a receipt that contains an eligible item.

This is a simple way to earn quick points that are worth $1 to $5, or 1,000 to 5,000 points.

More recently, I’ve seen that some offers need you to make purchases at a particular store (such as Walmart, Amazon, etc.) in order to receive points. Before you leave for the store, read the small print

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