Female Rapper Asian Doll Comes As TRUMP SUPPORTER:”I F*ck w/ Trump’

Female Rapper Asian Doll Comes Out As TRUMP SUPPORTER: 'I F*ck w/ Trump'

Rapper Asian Doll came out openly in support of President Donald Trump, MTO News has discovered. But she immediately backtracked and faked, if her lovers have been startled


“that I f*ck together with all the n*gga Trump as the n*gga giving out a great deal of money at the moment,” she explained to her lovers on livestream. “I receive my money in various ways, therefore I’m around a great deal of individuals who make they cash in various ways also and they’re up.”

She tweeted,”I instead trump function as president then other dude fasho.”

Her supporters were so quick to call out her for her comments, and she jumped on Twitter to create an apology.

“Should you rock together I offended you I am sorry I just care if I hurt individuals that real love me fr,” she wrote. “I had been using a high dialog & Agree it VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTS.”

The rapper has since deleted the conversation.

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