Fearless Face Reveal: Everything About Fearless You Want to Know!

fearless face reveal

Fe4rless, or Ali, was born in the United States on September 19, 1998. He is a prominent YouTube gamer recognized for his skill in the shooter video games Call of Duty and Fortnite. His most viewed clips are compilations of funny moments or trolls of other players in Fortnite.

His three most popular videos are all Fortnite trolling compilations. His final Call of Duty video, “FOrtNiTe SucKs gO bAck tO cALL oF DuTY,” was posted on July 2, 2018. There was a photo on Instagram that some people assumed was of him before he became a big channel, but Ali deleted it before it could be widely shared. There are currently no openings in July 2022.


Ali launched his channel on December 20, 2013, and his debut video, titled “Xbox One Game DVR Quality Test (Cod Ghosts),” was published two days later. In the video, he puts the DVR features of the Xbox One through its paces by playing Call of Duty: Ghosts.

After one year, he started uploading Call of Duty montages, and he kept it up for another four. Before he expanded his content, Ali solely uploaded footage of Call of Duty gameplay. His first Battlefield 4 video came out about a year after his first.

When he released Fortnite, he made a big impression and quickly gained a following, with 45,000 daily subscribers. DAMN CRAZY SNIPER SHOOTS! His debut Fortnite video, (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny & Epic Moments), was live on October 25, 2017. Ali came back to YouTube with a new episode titled “CHAPTER 2 OOF” after an absence of three months.

Fe4rless, like Ceeday, was considered dormant until June 2020, when he finally uploaded the simple message “uh hi” on his channel. The death of Fe4rless’s father was the apparent cause of his prolonged absence.

Exposing Your Fe4RLess Face

fearless face reveal

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Unlike his other gamers, Fe4Rless prefers to keep his identity hidden. Perhaps he will in the future, but for now, his voice is the only way his supporters hear from him. A ‘Twitch’ account is something else Fe4Rless has. The social media platform “Instagram” also has his profile. A photo posted to Instagram revealed the identity of Fe4RLess.

In terms of Monetary Value,

Sources estimate Ali’s net worth at $3.88 million as of July 2022. The Fe4RLess YouTube channel averages over 2.76 million daily views, or 8.29 million monthly.

Depending on how popular a channel is, a YouTuber can make $3-7 per 1,000 views. Net Worth Spot estimates Fe4RLess’s income to be $33,150.00 per month ($497,280.00 per year). The greatest possible annual compensation for a Fe4RLess is $895,100.

Different Data from Social Networks

Aside from YouTube, Ali also uses Twitch and TikTok. He has 133k subscribers on Twitch yet hasn’t streamed in over three years. Ali’s Instagram account has 334k followers, however, she never updates it. More than 2 million people are following him on TikTok, where he regularly shares video clips.

Concerning Fe4 R Less

On the 20th of December, 2013, Ali created his YouTube channel and two days later, on the 22nd, he uploaded his first video, titled Xbox One DVR Quality Test (COD Ghosts). It was after around a year that he started uploading Call of Duty montages, a habit he kept up for over four years.

Call of Duty

For a While on His Channel, Ali Solely Posted Videos of Himself Playing Call of Duty. It Took Him Around a Year After His Debut Video to Make His First Video for A Game Other than Call of Duty; It Was for Battlefield 4. His First Video Was a Playthrough Evaluation for The Video Game Ghosts.


He Became Famous Overnight After Launching Fortnite, and His Fortnite Channel Continues to Attract 45,000 New Subscribers Every Day. Wtf! Sniper Actions Gone Wild! His Initial Foray Into the Fortnite Videosphere Premiered on October 25, 2017, and It Was Titled (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny & Epic Moments). After a Three Month Break, Ali Uploaded a New Video to YouTube Titled “chapter 2 Oof.”

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