Fatman supervisors on Mel Gibson, Walton Goggins and Santa (Interview)

Christmas 2020 will be tough. The entire year was a popular mess from start to finish, also due to COVID-19, a great deal of the areas we dwell in are likely to be locked come December 25th, which makes this kind of not-so-merry Christmas. Input FATMAN, a distinctively 2020 Christmas story if ever there was one. Even a hard-edged action/comedy, with a focus on carnage, that can be an R-rated movie which, in certain instances, is likewise a grounded version of”The Night the Reindeer Died”, the movie-within-a-movie a few of you might recall from SCROOGED. Mel Gibson stars as a disenchanted Santa Claus, while Walton Goggins co-stars within an assassin seeking to place paid into the merry fatman one and for everyone.

Though the reviews are combined, I adored FATMAN (read my review) and to me seems like a cult comedy waiting to occur. A number of the testimonials appear to be reviewing Gibson’s personal life instead of the movie itself, and it is always a danger. I had been fortunate enough to talk with the duo supporting this oddball Yuletide narrative, Ian and Eshom Nelms, that talked to me concerning casting and leadership Gibson in the function, and how readily this may have been twisted to a conversational mainstream humor (this clearly isn’t ). 

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