Fatherhood ending explained – Did Matt and Maddy Reunite?

Fatherhood ending explained
Fatherhood ending explained

Directed by Paul Wietz and based on the memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love, Fatherhood is one of the recent additions to Netflix. Kevin Hart stars in the lead role where he plays the character of Matt. Matt is a tragic individual with tragic circumstances. Right after giving birth to her daughter, his seemingly perfect wife passed away.

Left by himself alone to raise his daughter, Matt finds himself in a difficult situation. Being new to all this, Matt worries whether he will be able to fulfill the role of her father. The movie delivers a beautiful message and carries the subtlety of a father-daughter relationship. It is a fresh addition to Netflix and a great watch if you love casual tear jerkers. Let’s find what happened in the last moments of the movie in Fatherhood ending explained.

Fatherhood ending explained

Did Matt Try to Raise Maddy?

After the death of his wife, Matt did try his level best to raise his daughter. He felt obliged to provide his daughter what she deserved. Even more so, he got his two pals involved in the process and they together made effort to raise Maddy. However, Maddy was still lacking something. She wasn’t overwhelmingly enjoying the company of his father and his friends.

What Happened to Swan?

A friend of Matt, Swan had developed a pretty good relationship with Maddy. She was enjoying her company. However, the overprotectiveness from Matt leads him to distance Swan from Maddy. He didn’t want anyone to make contact with her. Maddy started to get more annoyed with her father’s antics. In the end, Matt had no choice but to leave her at her grandparent’s house.

Why Did Matt Distance Himself from Maddy?

Matt realized that he wasn’t fit to raise his daughter alone. He left her at the grandparent’s house. Maddy started to enjoy their company. One time, when Matt asked her to return to her, she refused. This broke Matt’s heart as he thought he wasn’t fit for the role of father.

Fatherhood ending explained – Did Matt Get Maddy Back?

Fatherhood ending explained – Did Matt Get Maddy Back?

Matt was alone again. He had even deserted his friend Swan as well as left her daughter. Some good news came to him in the form of promotion. With this, he would be able to save some money for Maddy’s education. However, the condition was now he had to spend more time traveling. This also meant he will have less time to interact with Maddy.

While leaving for the airport, Matt has a change of heart. He decides to roll back and go to Maddy to meet her. When he arrives Maddy embraces her as she too dearly misses her dad. She is glad to see his old man back.

Did Matt Reconcile With Swan?

Yes, he did indeed. Maddy and Swan started interacting again and this time, Matt wasn’t overprotective. Maddy becomes old enough to go to school and Matt can see a bright future ahead for his daughter.

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