Fans are freaking out with Mushu’s Absence in Mulan’s Teaser

Mulan teaser

Mulan’s Teaser out

Among all the Disney Princesses, Mulan stands apart. Mulan is one of the characters is Disney that is not scared of a fight or defending her home. The story of Mulan is a girl and her path to becoming the glorious warriors in the history of China. The forthcoming live-action movie from Disney is the remake of the classic 1998 blockbuster animated film of the same name.

Mulan revolves around the girl who takes the place of her father and becomes a famous warrior in ancient China. With the new live-action movie, Disney is trying to revisit the past glory and without the animation element. Disney came up with the very first trailer of Mulan on July 7, 2019. Liu Yifei is all set to portray the role of Mulan in the forthcoming movie.

The live-action picturization of “The Ballads of Mulan”

Both live-action version, as well as the forthcoming movie, are entirely based on the ancient poems, “The Ballads of Mulan.” And this is all the more reason as to why people feel that the forthcoming movie will be a closer version of the real story.

By the looks of it, there are significant aspects of Mulan and characters have gone through a massive change. Moreover, Mulan is not a musical movie like Aladdin, and this is the reason why the film lacks sound. Fans, on the other hand, aren’t happy that Mushu is missing from the live-action version of Mulan.

Given that the core fans of Disney are a little heartbroken, but people who prefer history will like the film. Fan seems very little concern regarding the future of the movie. However, there is a highly likely chance that Mulan would break significant box office collection after the production is over. According to the sources, the movie is all set to make it to theaters on March 27, 2020.

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