Fancy Mexican restaurant has now changed into Toronto’s latest takeout chicken combined

Fancy Mexican restaurant has transformed into Toronto's newest takeout chicken joint

Among Toronto’s finest upscale Mexican restaurants might have become a brand-new poultry joint for now, but it is not going anywhere in the long term.

“Don Pollo isn’t a substitute for Quetzal,” states Grant van Gameren (Bar Raval, Rosalinda, Harry’s, Bar Isabel) of the most recent venture.  “It’s our response to our hardwood fire for take outto conduct parallel to Quetzal once we feel comfortable to reopen Quetzal/interior diningroom”

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Quetzal is known for its huge wood fire cooking channel that conducts the length of this restaurant, also has been a significant region of the setting and allure of dining . It had been formerly utilized to roast veggies, cook legumes and make tortillas, but is presently used for Don Pollo’s Cornish game hen.

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“We picked chicken because we had been doing it formerly at Quetzal but using Cornish hens, also it is tender, travels well and is yummy cooked slowly across the flame,” states Gameren.

The chicken is really much less removed from the Mexican cuisine of Quetzal since it may seem at first: it is”Sinaloa design,” taking its title from a Mexican country. It is a roadside kind of chicken that is generally marinated, butterflied and slow broiled.

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In Don Pollo, you can find the chicken entire, in cakes or simply get legs, also set it with sides such as flame roasted peppers, slaw, escabeche veggies, charred lemon or chips and guacamole.

it is also possible to include on a shrimp cocktail and wine or beer. Everything is readily available for shipping, or receive 10 percent off once you select up.

“We decided this route to be able to distinguish both adventures and also to help generate additional jobs in the long run and to help optimize the usage of their fire and space through COVID in addition to mitigate future expected lockdowns,” says van Gameren. 

As for the destiny of Don Pollo at the long run, he states,”After we all descended Quetzal, we’ll continue to provide Don Pollo equally for shipping via Uber Eats and select up through Ambassador.”

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