False Positive ending explained – Who Was the Father?

False Positive ending explained
False Positive ending explained

Directed by John Lee, False Positive is a horror movie starring Illana Glazer in the lead role along with Justin Theroux, Pierce Brosnan, and Sophia Bush. The story focuses on Lucy (played by Glazer) a woman who is unable to conceive a child. Even after many attempts her husband Adrian and she haven’t achieved success. To find the solution to their problem, they visit Dr. Hindle, Adrian’s former teacher and from this point, Lucy’s horror begins.

Lucy gets injected into an environment she didn’t wish. Constantly doubting her surroundings and husband’s intentions, she finds herself in the web of conspiracy. The movie tries to tell things from Lucy’s perspective however some gruesome things are taking behind the screen.

In the end, Lucy conceives the child, but it’s all too late for her. The ending of the movie saw some brutal scenes and mind-boggling conflict. If you happen to unable to grab the movie’s last bits, we here for you. Let’s take a look at the False Positive ending explained.

False Positive ending explained

Who Was Dr. Hindle?

Dr. Hindle was a former teacher of Adrian who is now a fertility doctor. To find a solution to the couple’s problem, they approached him. Hindle suggested that they try the method that he has developed. The couple is pretty optimistic and they do achieve what they intended. Through an ultrasonic test, they find that Lucy has become pregnant with three embryos.

What Was Lucy’s Decision?

Since it wasn’t healthy to conceive all three Embryos, the couple decided to only take a single female and reduce the number of twins. During her pregnancy, she meets Grace and Corgan, who are also expecting the child. Things look good for the time however, it’s just the beginning of Lucy’s nightmare. During the reduction of Lucy’s embroys, Lucy faints and starts bleeding. Even though Hindle says it’s nothing major but Lucy feels something is off.

What is Relationship Between Adrian and Hindle?

Lucy starts seeing Adrian and Hindle having sex in her dreams. She feels like there’s something more to their relationship. When Adrian gives Hindle an award for what he has done, she becomes even more suspicious. Even the advice from Corgan doesn’t help her as she becomes warier. Her abdominal pain keeps getting worse but Hindle is still not much concerned. He just gives her the medication and assures them it will be better after a while.

What Was in the File?

Lucy comes across a file when she inspects Adrian’s safe. The file contains evidence that suggests that someone is monitoring her. A puzzled Lucy then approaches Corgan and tells her the situation. Corgan assures her and takes her to her husband’s lawyer. Even though Corgan suggests that Lucy wait for a bit, but she can’t take it anymore. She goes to Adrian and tells her about her suspicion.

Did Lucy Give Birth?

After discovering that Corgan knew her real name, even though she never shared it, Lucy decides to confront Corgan. She finds that Corgan returned the file to Adrian since she was worried about Lucy’s state. Lucy gets close to giving birth and starts experiencing contractions. She goes to Grace to give birth and succeeds. However, it’s not a girl but one of the twins that she had presumably reduced.

False Positive ending explained – Who Was the Father?

False Positive ending explained – Who was the Father?

After heavy bleeding, Lucy is taken to Hindle by Adrian. There she delivers the second twin. A devastated Lucy marches towards Hindle’s clinic to confront him. She learns that Adrian and Hindle had planned to work together. Furthermore, she finds a secret lab with the embryo that she thought was reduced. Hindle reveals his true purpose and tells that it was her sperm that inseminated her.

The ending of the movie sees Lucy beating Hindle to pulp and destroying his lab. She then delivers the twins to Adrian and reveals that she knew everything he was conspiring behind her back. A broken and devastated Lucy suffers a horrible fate. In her last moments, she imagines breastfeeding one of the embryos.

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