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Face movement app
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Videos and GIFs are staples of social media. The ease with which you can add movement and filter effects to your photos has seen the growth of these animated images online. These days, it’s harder to see a still photo online.

So what if you want to animate a still image to give a static scene motion? There is an app for that, I suppose. The truth is, there are lots of apps for that. Here are the top iPhone and Android applications for animating photographs.


Face movement app

For good reason, Motionleap is the first app on our list. With over 300,000 reviews and an average rating of nearly four stars on the Play Store, this app is among the best-reviewed.

Although there is a Pro and subscription version of Motionleap, it is free to use. When you download your image to your phone, it doesn’t add a watermark like many other photo animators do.

The main function of the program is to animate still photographs and turn them into brief looping films. By dragging your thumb across the screen, you may program directional indications into your image. To add ambiance to your image, you can freeze specific portions of it and add filters on top of it.

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Werble functions similarly to Motionleap. Your images will be animated as its main function, and while the basic account is free, in-app payments are also supported. The majority of Werble’s animations are created using the filter effects you can apply to your photos.

Werble has the advantage of immediately saving these images as GIFs, making them suitable for internet use. The negative? You must pay a fee to get the watermark that is added to your photograph removed. That watermark is unquestionably large enough to be bothersome.


Face movement app

GIPHY is perhaps best known to you as the largest GIF search engine. GIPHY is a mobile app and is the go-to resource for reaction memes for everything under the sun. You may animate photographs and make your own GIFs using it. Using the platform’s built-in animation capabilities, you can post them.

We adore GIPHY for its user-friendly and clear interface. You can generate stickers with it (available for iPhone X and later), create your own quick films, and caption animated photographs. Try GIPHY today; you won’t regret it.

Another program for animating photos is ImgPlay. Imagine it as a combination of Werble and Motionleap. It includes sophisticated, user-friendly controls and generates animated photos that are ready for usage on the web. Sadly, it also adds a watermark to your photo, which you cannot get rid of without upgrading to a full account. Making animated images and GIFs with ImgPlay can be accomplished in a few different ways. Videos, burst images, or still photos can be arranged side by side.

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While Movepic and Motionleap both use animation to enhance images, the former’s built-in overlays and filters can accomplish a significant portion of this motion.

The drawback is that unless you upgrade to a VIP membership, you cannot remove the watermark. Additionally, Movepic automatically saves your images as movie files rather than GIFs. It’s still worthwhile to check out in spite of this.

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