Exterior firm Goa marks a transfer in to NSW using two mature hires

Outdoor company Goa marks a move into NSW with two senior hires

from residence business Goa Billboards has named Dan McConochie as National Sales Director and Shae Bonney as NSW Revenue Director.

The statement:

Although the press business is facing unexpected conditions, Queensland-based and family-owned Goa Billboards is to the front creating fresh opportunities. The Business has demonstrated its dedication to company development with the appointment of Dan McConochie as National Sales Director and Shae Bonney as NSW Revenue Director.

Goa CEO and Joint MD, Chris Tyquin stated the provider’s investment plan was market-leading for over 30 years.


“Although the industry is now facing its greatest obstacle, our investment is significantly more powerful than with the use of the new jobs. Our balance sheet is strong and each week we are fielding several approaches from folks coming to us with expansion opportunities.

“The appointment of Dan and Shae provides an abundance of knowledge, expertise and connections, in addition to fresh energy, in our small business and help us capitalise on those opportunities. Having two seasoned and caliber professionals joining the group will enhance our expansion plans.

Both functions will probably be Sydney-based, also Dan and Shae will operate with Goa’s long-time revenue representative, Shipley Brown. Dan will be carrying on a nationwide attention, inclusive of sales action in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, although Shae will dedicate his energies into the Sydney service and lead markets.

The Tyquin household’s participation in the outdoor business goes to 1935, also Goa Billboards was working from the Queensland marketplace for nearly 40 years. It is strategy was to create market dominance in big format in South East Queensland, focusing greatly in electronic where it’s the biggest billboard screen system, comprising over 50 electronic billboards along with an audience of over 1 million individuals every day.

“Section of our travel going forward would be to expand our existence outside Queensland and I anticipate the majority of our investment to the future will probably be in accordance with this approach,” explained Tyquin.

“I am excited at either the speed and quality of fresh websites we are getting. It is clear we are still to confront some financial challenges, nevertheless Goa is well placed to capture new opportunities, and also using Dan and Shae as part of our staff will make it possible for agencies to increase their customer’s investments within our areas.”

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