Exonerated CP5 Member Raymond Santana Not Purchasing Trump’s’Least Racist’ Claim

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Raymond Santana, among Those exonerated Central Park Five, Believes President Trump‘s full of it If he says he Is the”least Homeless Individual”… and he Is thanking Joe Biden for sticking Them up in the Argument.

Raymond tells TMZ he ardently thinks Trump’s still quite a racist, regardless of what he claimed about the discussion stage — largely since the President’s never cried for, or retreated, his announcement that the five young guys were guilty.

He states he is still walking on eggshells since Trump’s refusal to admit their own innocence still affects people unfamiliar with all the details of this Central Park rape.

Here is actually the full-page advertisement Donald Trump performed calling for the implementation of this Central Park Five.

They were later exonerated by DNA evidence, though President Trump claims they are guilty. Pic.twitter.com/vspZemnW93

— Scott Bixby (@scottbix) February 10, 2018 @scottbix

Trump’s had steak with Raymond and his 4 friends because the offense was perpetrated 1989. The afterward property tycoon took a full-page advertisement from The New York Times calling for his or her implementation.

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Raymond informs us that he had been thankful, relieved and emotional if Biden caused the CP5 event at the week’s Democratic debate.

He is applauding Biden for standing around Trump, also states the appearance on Trump’s head when Biden dressed down him was”priceless”

Even though Raymond’s optimistic Biden sends Trump packaging come Election Day, he understands it is far from something. He considers another four decades of Trump could be intolerable for Blacks and Latinos.

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