Exes Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Why Are Social Distancing Using Their Children

It is one big happy family within this celebrity-packed home. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic salary on, individuals are ongoing to lock in their houses –and the stars are no exception. With well-known titles hunkering down in their extravagant digs, lovers are obtaining a humorous look within the idle lifestyles of the wealthy and famous thanks to sociable websites. In the event of famous exes Demi Mooreand Bruce Willis, they are taking our odd new standard a step farther by social bookmarking. . .together. 

Due to posts about the celebrity and girl Tallulah Willis‘ Instagram reports, we notice the Moore-Willis clan is buckling down entirely, others, exes and fitting pajamas all contained. 

“Chaotic neutral,” Tallulah captioned a band photograph featuring her parents arm , Demi giving the camera a thumbs up. Meanwhile, the Tallulah’s boyfriend Dillon Buss and sister Scout Willis are featured in the shooter, since is a puppy donning the household pajamas. 

While it is uncertain just how long the former partners and currently friendly exes, that had been married for a short time prior to breaking up in 1998, have invested together with their brothers, a source confirmed for Individuals,”The 2 exes reunited throughout their self-isolation.”

On Demi’s webpage, the celebrity posted another family photograph in their quarantining period, which one suitably captioned,”Family bonding” Be aware the life-sized fork and spoon accessories Bruce and Dillon are all holding. This seems like the beginning of quite the humor. 

“Omg that is the best thing I have noticed this entire quarantine!!!” 1 comment read. 

And, as most lucky families across the globe getting creative with the way they spend time while firmly in your home, this household has spent a few of their time together going down the street.

As Demi composed in an Instagram article on March 28,”Quarantine team… focusing on a family photograph undertaking ”

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