EXCLUSIVE: Paras Chhabra on twitter war with Jay Bhanushali & Mahhi Vij, viral wedding card with Mahira Sharma

In a quick chat with PINKVILLA, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra got talking not just about the ongoing Twitter war situation but also about his and Mahira Sharma’s viral wedding card.

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra has been in the news for the longest time now and while he managed to reach the top 6, he decided to leave with the bag of money. Long after the show is over, he continues to be in the headlines, sometimes over his ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri, other times for his work, and so on and so forth. Recently, Paras along with good friend Mahira Sharma went out to distribute essentials to the needy amid the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown, and well, it looks like things went downhill once again as far as Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are concerned. They seem to have gone on a cold war on Twitter and the saga of he said, she said seems to be unending.

Ask him about the entire situation and how both his shows, Bigg Boss as well as Mujhse Shaadi Karoge lead to things going out of proportion, he says, “Bigg Boss is a platform that brings in a lot of popularity and Bigg Boss 13 was one of the highest-rated seasons so far so every single contestant is popular right now. So whatever people are talking about that we are doing this to show off but that is not true. We go out to buy essentials ourselves and we see how there are people, the daily wage earners who are asking for essentials like aata among other things. We are celebrities and we share photos of brands, etc so that people are buying it. And so, if we can do that, what is wrong with helping out people who are needier and promote that on social media? I simply thought if I can help and contribute to making things easier for them, then why not? Also, they don’t even have masks or sanitizers, so I just did my bit and gave them the essentials and did what was in my capacity. So that was for people who belong to well to do families and of course WHO has laid out guidelines to step out and we must follow those while doing it. Now if someone is interpreting it in another sense and calling it show off, then that does not bother me. It is simply about helping someone and positivity, we are all sitting at home anyway, so why not.”

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He further went on to add, “It simply depicts one’s thinking. People are telling me that they haven’t named anyone, and well, I haven’t taken anyone’s name either. It is just that fans are smart enough to know who is it aimed at and when I visited their post as well, they wrote things like ‘so called actor’ and well, I can understand things too since it has come a day after our post so it was pretty clear.”

On a lighter note, we also asked his and Mahira’s wedding card doing the rounds and after a quick laugh, he quipped, “Well, I am seriously surprised and it is overwhelming to see how they are all sending out so much love to us. With their constant attempts, it looks like they will not stop until we get married after all. I am wondering how did someone get a card at this time but well, fans have their own ways.”

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