EXCLUSIVE: Moniece Slaughter Denies Bleaching Her Skin Care, Talks Growing Up Affluent: I Had Been a White-Washed Black Girl

Moniece Slaughter

EXCLUSIVE: Moniece Slaughter Denies Bleaching Her Skin Care, Talks Growing Up AffluentI Can Be A White-Washed Black Girl

Beloved Enjoy and Hip Hop celebrity Moniece Slaughter is private about skin care rumors. In a private interview theJasmineBRAND, the 33-year old obtained blunt about refuting rumors stating,

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“I feel as if that is just pure ignorance. I feel as though everybody’s entitled to their views, but people figures are individuals.”

Moniece Slaughter also discussed her worries about growing up in a white area in which the only kids of colour were fellow star children:

“It was only when I got to high school that among my buddies in first grade, her name was Aaron Levy. I will never forget that it we had been walking through the construction and we all made sure we have lockers beside each other. This woman called Janisha Green, she’d use the sock bun along with the lace tops and she’d the lollipop in there using all the tube socks and that she was really animated and unkind. She came back to the hallway one day before our blessings English Composition II course and Aaron looked at me and said’I am so glad you are not like these’ which was my very first time actually stopping and thinking just like what exactly does this mean? You know I am black…”

Moniece Slaughter went to mention due to the manner she enunciated she was not regarded as a standard black child.

“I had a programmer and it was just like I had been a white-washed black woman. “

She then discussed her latest reconnection along with her biological family as well as the skin-bleaching rumors being .

“I have been associating together with my loved ones and you understand my biological dad’s mother consistently swept things under the carpet. She is Asian and seemingly in Asian civilization that is exactly what they do, so they do not actually address matters. I got a background lesson about who I was or where I came out. I only know I was not white… I am fine with all the white individuals so long as I am on TV performing a fool and producing them tens of thousands of dollars. To be accused of shaving my skin, once I am desperately searching for out at this stage in my own life, who I’m. It is like I am not actually accepted way”

Slaughter, later submitting images having a lighter skin tone because of lack of sunlight and even exfoliation, required to Instagram in early November to clean up skin-bleaching rumors. )

“Just awakened. Have not even washed my head ZERO filter of ANY type. 1st pic: my torso which gets ZERO sun. In comparison to my arms handson. My torso would be MY WINTER COLOR PERIOD GET OVER IT!! Therefore I will whiten my head but not my lips. I will bleach my head but not my torso, arms, arms, legs, feet? I really don’t currently and never have employed kojic in my head. I proceed to @drsusan90210dermatology A BLACK dermatologist and also utilize HER products targeted towards ALL individuals of colour. In addition, I visit @glowskinenhancement plus a BLACK dermatologist and also utilize her goods which are for individuals of COLOR I also visit @honeybunnyskincare who’s also a WOMAN OF COLOR for the facials. I really don’t use white warts. I really don’t let white folks do my laser depilation either. I have ZERO desire to become white. NONE. If I were able to continue for my summer tans I’d. Y’see me on television under light that’s changed in place edit and a lot of makeup to my throat chest arms and shoulders. Literally. And recognized that has been my normal colour. It is flat out . Maybe not you. But people that INSIST THAT I BLEACH”

What would you think about Moniece’s answer into this skin-bleaching rumors? Tell us in the comments.

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