Ex-top aide into Texas AG:’Shocked’ in his lawful intervention

AUSTIN, Texas – A former aide to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Friday talked out for the very first time since he resigned after accusing the nation’s top attorney of crimes involving bribery and abuse of office.

Jeff Mateer, the Republican attorney general’s former top aide, told the Dallas Morning News in an interview in July he had questions regarding his boss’ behavior when he discovered Paxton needed to get involved in a situation against Nate Paul, a Texas property developer.

Paul, a Paxton effort contributor, was under federal investigation in a situation involving an Austin nonprofit along with his entities, ” the paper reported Friday. Paxton intended to argue a movement in Travis County courtroom, Mateer explained, that he noticed has been alarming. Mateer stated Paxton’s top employees then advised him from doing this.

“I was shocked,” Mateer advised the Dallas Morning News once resigning this season. “In my mind, no other attorney general has done.”

Mateer included that Paxton’s strategy was concerning that he met with him and advised him to cut ties with Paul, also Paxton agreed.

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“I had been optimistic that General Paxton wasn’t likely to get any additional personal engagement with any issues that the workplace had been managing that link to Mr. Paul,” Mateer advised the paper.

Meanwhile, Ian Before, Paxton’s campaign spokesman, said that the attorney general’s intervention had been an attempt to”promote a settlement to prevent the squandering of assets which were being redirected from charitable inheritance to attorneys.”

Mateer along with six additional attorneys under Paxton delivered the mind of human resources that a letter stating they reported that the attorney general to”the most proper law enforcement jurisdiction” for possibly breaking the law”in his official capacity.” They detained Paxton of bribery, misuse of improper influence. Mateer has since stepped.

Paxton has denied all wrongdoing. Paxton was urged to quantify because the allegations have been disclosed, but he won’t leave his article. He also blamed his”Nazi workers along with their false allegations.”


This story was corrected to demonstrate that just Jeff Mateer resigned, not another six attorneys who detained Ken Paxton of misconduct.

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