Ex-Studio 10 boss Rob McKnight apologises for predicting revamped series’a part of sh*t’

Ex-Studio 10 boss Rob McKnight apologises for calling revamped show ‘a piece of sh*t’

The guy who made Studio 10 has apologised later phoning the revamped series”a part of sh*t”.

Rob McKnight conducted the Channel 10 morning series from its beginning at 2013 before 2017.

He runs business website TV Blackbox and hosts a weekly supper.

McKnight didn’t hold back with this week’s tradition when talking the new-look Studio 10 that started on Monday with Sarah Harris along with Tristan MacManus because co-hosts.

“It had been idle, dull tv,” he explained about the TV Blackbox podcast that was listed on Monday. “It had been embarrassing.

“I swear to godI really wish they’d renamed the series as much as I am worried Studio 10 is dead and I was just dreadful what I found today.”

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Even the TV Blackbox podcast co-hosts indicated to McKnight it was not reasonable to evaluate the series on its very first day, however the prior executive producer appeared suspicious things would change.

“A part of sh*t, however far you roll it into glitter, remains a part of sh*t,” he explained. “I am sorry, it had been woeful.”

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McKnight reported the matter with the series wasn’t Harris or even MacManus, but instead the material.

“Content-wise, the only items they are letting them speak about is viral movies, crocheted hats along with Tristan’s parents,” he explained. “They have decided they do not need to discuss real news, that is fine, that is a creative alternative they have made, however they are relying upon just two individuals to sit down on a sofa for a couple hours to talk and there is nothing to talk about.”

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McKnight has since apologised for his remarks on the podcast, even composing about the TV Blackbox website:”From the cold light of day, I look back in these opinions and that I have regrets.

“It is 1 thing I want to disagree with all the alterations into Studio 10, however it is yet another to pour scorn to the folks working hard behind the scenes to provide four hours of television,” he also wrote.

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“You realize you have gone a lot when people that you honor reach to you to allow you to know.”

McKnight issued a public apology and stated he’d refrain from commenting about the series later on.

“To those men and women who work their arses off every day — I’m sorry,” he also wrote. “I have always believed I ought to have the ability to remark about Studio 10 as a part of my project being a media commentator, however, the simple reality is that I cannot remark without prejudice… from now I shall leave the comment to other people.”

Studio 10 airs weekdays from 8am-midday on Channel 10

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