Even the Batman Resumes Filming | Pictures 2020

The Batman Resumes Filming | Photos 2020

The newest iteration of The Batman franchise stopped filming Liverpool, England this week plus photographers caught a sneak peak of a number of those cast in costume — such as Robert Pattinson as a brooding Bruce Wayne, along with Colin Farrell as a unrecognisable Penguin.

Pattinson and Farrell were seen filming a funeral landscape out St. George’s Hall, across the measures of the Earl of Beaconsfield statue on Monday,” 12 Oct.. The reboot, led by Matt Reeves, was initially set for launch at 2021, but has been pushed back into 2022 because of this coronavirus (COVID-19). It is well worth noting that Liverpool is presently experiencing the greatest recorded instances of this coronavirus in the united kingdom, making us somewhat worried regarding the cast filming at that particular place this week.

Though we’re eager for Pattinson’s introduction as Batman, also Farrell as a chubby and Penguin, we can not wait to watch Zoë Kravitz reprise the part of the ferocious and fearless Catwoman — formerly played with Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Anne Hathaway, to list a couple.

Before, have a look at some pictures of The Batman filming Liverpool.

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