Eva Mendes Shocks Fans With TERRIFYING Photo Of Beauty Procedure!

We all know beauty is pain, however that might be a bridge too far for us!

Eva Mendes might be on an elongated hiatus in Hollywood, but it does not mean she is not still maintaining it glam. The Hitch celebrity shared a photograph to Instagram of a exact unusual-looking process, and it raised a few eyebrows — to say the very least.

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The 46-year old captioned the shooter:

“Oye! ) @marianalvergara has opened her very own @beautyvillavergara! This spa-home from home is extraordinary! No office with poor fluorescent light. No sterile office vibe. That is my go to for many things beauty. A house where you can unwind while being chased by the very best of the very best. That is my happy location!

Below I’m becoming some Mono-Threads. Ayyyy Dios! I will update you with all outcomes should you care.

So eager to encourage her skilled beauty tech starting her own Latina owned company! Pa’lante reina! ❤”

Check the pic (under ):

Freaky! )

What from the EFF is occurring?? How much in are people going? Are these scars on her throat from needles, also?? Are such Twizzlers or even Red Vines?? A lot of questions…

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We were not the only ones that have been, um, taken aback from the alarming-looking process. Followers also expressed their shock and dismay in the celebrity’s throat. Remarks included:

“WTF?! YIKES!!! ”

“HELL NAH GIRL‼️‼️‼️ THIS LOOKS SO CRAZY  I hope ur okay…. I am shook”

“Hell goin on here”

“Oh ! I nearly ago [sic] outside”

“I am in pain just looking at the movie! “

Based on Beauty Villa Vergara’s IG webpage, mono-threads”trigger collagen synthesis that generates a slow skin thickeningskin firming and tightening result.” Mendes’ dermatologist, Dr. Marina Vergara, advised Individuals:

“The procedure is minimally invasive and individuals normally have mild distress. I use numbing cream prior to putting them. … It provides instant outcomes, but better results are observed after three weeks as the own body produces collagen. These threads will begin to dissolve over six to eight months, but on account of the elastin and collagen stimulation the result may last up to 5 months”

She included:

“They could go from the anus, nasolabial folds, jawline, marionette lines, décolleté, armsand thighs, knees or stomach. Essentially, anywhere hydration stimulation is meant.”

Oof… wellwe may observe the allure of Eva-level outcomes, but not certain that this is likely to make it to the very top of our listing for spa evening!

What do U believe, Perezcious subscribers? Can you really go to your mono-threads? Or could you depart this process into the torture room? Tell us your ideas in the comments (below)!

[Image via Eva Mendes/Instagram & WENN]

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