European Super League is Dormant not dead

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Football News

News from Europe as the Super League organizers says that the idea isn’t dead and has plan to relaunch after a year to fight financial crisis.  

The European Super League, brainchild of 12 big clubs across Europe failed within 72 hours of it’s official launch.

Big Six clubs from England namely; Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and Tottenham all agreed to participate in ESL. The other six clubs are Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

But soon after the revelation, UEFA & FIFA imposed threats on the 12 teams, which angered the fans. Because of a massive protest, 9 clubs withdrawn their participation from the league.

But Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus didn’t submit any official apology statement. And even challenged UEFA that there’s no rule of threatening them. Hence, they still managed to keep the league alive.

“European Super League is more than necessary”

The Presidents of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus have announced that they will not dump the idea of Super League. They admit that the initial plan failed miserably, but they can still work on that to improve its structure.

The big houses of football world have sorted out the European Super League as the only way out of financial crisis.

The initial plan was to host the closed league amongst themselves to raise more money from broadcasters and sponsors. Big clubs from each country wait for a long time to face off in UEFA Champions League.

But the ESL will give the opportunity to see the top clubs against each other more frequently. They thought that the league will increase competition and also share the entire revenue amongst themselves.

Whereas UEFA and FIFA view this project as it will make rich clubs richer while poor clubs poorer.

How will UEFA and FIFA react to such claims of reviving ESL?

UEFA has already made the Big Six clubs of England, two Milan clubs and Atletico Madrid pay a fine from their UEFA revenue. They also forced them to sign a contract of not involving themselves in any International league other than UEFA.

The organization threatened Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus to BAN from UEFA competitions. But the ESL organizers responded in a challenging tone, to which UEFA didn’t respond yet.

Although UEFA have cleared their participation in next season’s Champions League. But UEFA will try to stop the ESL from taking place.

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus will work on the ESL after analyzing their errors from previous plans. But they remain positive of reviving the league anytime in the future two or three years.