Ethan & Maya Hawke to star at The Beatles-fueled humor Revolver

It is always enjoyable to see behaving families group on the big-screen, also Variety has reported Ethan Hawke and Maya Hawke is going to soon be starring in REVOLVER, also a romantic coming-of-age humor that is fueled by The Beatles at a large way.

REVOLVER is going to be put up 1966 since it follows Jane (Maya Hawke), a teenaged resident of Anchorage, Alaska who’s thrilled having an excursion to Japan carrying the Beatles has been made to make a sudden halt. “All hell breaks loose because the unsuspecting citizens are absorbed by Beatlemania,” reads the logline. “Jane devises a strategy to reduce her virginity to George Harrison, detecting that experience (and love ) are a little closer to home than she ever believed.” Andrew Stanton (FINDING DORY) has been supposed to hem REVOLVER, that is his very first live-action movie since JOHN CARTER back 2012. Kate Trefry (Stranger Things) is supposed to pen the script.

Maya Hawke was lately found in the next period of Netflix’s Stranger Things, although Ethan Hawke is now starring in The fantastic Lord Ethan for Showtime, a limited-series he co-wrote and executive made. The show surfaced earlier this month and also The show is mostly told from the viewpoint of both Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson-Lionel), a young boy that becomes part of John Brown’s (Ethan Hawke) motley team of abolitionist soldiers, finally moving on to take part in the raid on the Army depot in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, an occasion that was a catalyst to the American Civil War.

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