Eternals Ending Explained – Who Died and Who Survived?

Eternals Ending Explained - Who Died and Who Survived?
Eternals Ending Explained - Who Died and Who Survived?

Directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternals is a 2021 Marvel superhero movie distributed by Walt Disney Studios. It is the first movie of MCU to feature Eternals and overall 26th movie in Marvel’s timeline. The movie introduces the audience to Eternals and their potential exploits shortly.

The movie is produced by Kevin Fiege and Nate Moore while  Ben Davis has taken over the task of cinematography. As for the casts, the movie includes Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Harish Patel, and Kit Harrington in the main roles. Let’s talk about Eternals ending explained and break down its last moments.

Eternals Ending Explained – Who Died and Who Survived?

Eternals Plot

The Eternals is a team consisting of 10 members who have come to stop the deviants that are slowly devouring humans. Each member of the group has their personality and an interesting set of powers. Among them, Ikaris is the most powerful with the ability to shoot lasers with his eyes and also fly.

After him, there’s Gemma whose power allows her to turn the nature of any object that she touches. Then there’s Druig who is bestowed with the power of manipulating the minds of people. Thena and Gilgamesh are also pretty strong and provide massive support to the group. Overall, Eternals are studded with diverse powers and it is evident in their display.

Who Was Commanding Eternals?

Eternals were indirectly following the orders of Arishem. She used to communicate her messages to Ajax who in return would deliver them to Eternals. However, after Ajax died, there was no medium for communication. Later on, Sersi became the mode and started delivering the messages through Arishem.

What Are Their Origins?

Eternals don’t know about the origins of their existence until they find it through Arishem. Turns out, they were created to visit planets and execute missions. After the mission is cleared, their memories were erased. During their latest outing, this fact pinched them and they didn’t take it mentally well.

Eternals Ending Explained – Who Died and Who Survived?

Eternals Ending Explained – Who Died and Who Survived?

In the final moments, Eternals are split into groups as Ikaris reveals that he was the one who killed Ajak because she no longer wanted to follow Amerish’s commands. The Group of course is torn apart but they realize that they must stop Tiamut.

Ikaris turns against other Eternals and starts hurting them. However, when it comes to killing Sersi, he couldn’t do it and simply leaves. Sersi then uses Druig’s powers to put Celestial being into sleep, thus saving humanity.

Ikaris realizes the mistake he made and leaves the Earth. We last see him heading into Sun, however, it’s not revealed whether he died or not. As for other Eternals, some remain on Earth while some go to the atmosphere to inform other Eternals about the truth of their existence.

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