Erykah Badu queries coronavirus evaluation outcomes

Erykah Badu recently tested positive for coronavirus at 1 nostril and negative at another.

Erykah Badu

The 49-year old singer – that does not have any signs of the disease – has obtained into Twitter to go over the confusing effects of her current evaluations.

She clarified on the micro-blogging stage:”no indicators. Was analyzed for COVID. Same machine. Left nostril favorable. Appropriate nostril negative. Perhaps they have to telephone Swiss Beats in order that they’re able to perform a versus involving them. Funny thing is,” Dr. ONLY reported that the favorable outcome. What the *** is goin on this. Quick Evaluation. $$$ smh. (sic)”

Erykah then published a screenshot of her evaluation results.

The audio superstar called for a study to the coronavirus testing method.

She explained:”That is actually my third quick evaluation in 24 hours). SMH. It is regular to carry c19 evaluation in front of a livestream broadcast for all crew and band. Before I took two and I was convinced that the other neg in distinct nostrils?? We will need to explore these evaluations further. I would like my back.

“What an inconvenience to be analyzed positive then negative 3x later in 24 hours. Same evaluation. We know they aren’t 100% true but that is odd. (sic)”

Erykah also ensured her followers that she is feeling alright.

She shared:”I do not feel bad in any respect. We must take those regular COVID evaluations to function on place. I am Gucci. But thanks . (sic)”

Meanwhile, the Erykah formerly confessed she’s been pleased to against the grain with her own remarks.

The famous celebrity revealed she does not be concerned about upsetting folks if she is convinced about her thoughts.

She explained:”I do not care if the entire team says something, I will be fair. I understand I do not have the hottest opinion occasionally.”

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