Erykah Badu claims She Tested Positive For COVID-19 In A Single Nostril But Negative at Another

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu claims She Makes Favorable For COVID-19 In A Single Nostril But Negative at Another

Soulful singer, DJ, and midwife Erykah Badu declared on Twitter Friday (November 13th) that despite having no indications she tested positive for coronavirus, but just at 1 section of her entire body. Erykah Badu initially submitted the subsequent tweet:

“Regardless of signs. Was analyzed for COVID. Same machine. Left nostril favorable. Proper nostril negative. Perhaps they will need to predict Swiss Beats in order that they’re able to perform a versus involving them. Funny that is, Dr. ONLY reported that the favorable outcome. What the fack is happening here. Quick Evaluation. $$$ smh.”


Erykah Badu subsequently posted a dialog revealing the official outcomes at which her paperwork clearly affirms the odd identification.

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The”Window Seat” singer chose to converse and reacted to fans around her COVID analyzing expertise. Erykah‘so on place working in an unidentified project and based on a number of her tweets, it had been required that everybody was analyzed to the coronavirus during the process of testing. She included:

“I do not feel bad whatsoever. We must take those regular COVID evaluations to function on set. I am Gucci. But thanks.

I’m good. Ain’t so **t incorrect wit da kid”

She lasted:

“What an inconvenience to be analyzed positive than negative 3x later in 24 hours. ) Same evaluation. We know they aren’t 100% true but that is odd.”


Which are the ideas about Erykah Badu’s COVID-19 outcomes? Tell us in the comments!

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