Unveiling the Truth Behind Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery Rumors: Is It Just a Weight Loss or Magic of Cosmetic Procedures?

erin moriarty plastic surgery

After the debut of The Boys on Amazon Prime, Erin Moriarty’s career has taken off. This anti-supe satirical comedy has now been seen by almost everyone.

Yet there has also been discussion regarding the cast members’ personalities outside of the context of their roles in the programme. And a significant factor in it has been Erin’s beauty, sometimes known as Annie or Starlight.

Several people thought Erin Moriarty underwent cosmetic surgery as a result of the actress’s face changing between seasons 1 and 3 of the programme. If not that, then it has to be significant weight loss. But was any of that truly the case? Let’s investigate.

But First, Let’s Talk About Erin Moriarty.

erin moriarty plastic surgery

Erin is well-known to the show’s viewers as Starlight, but few are aware that she started acting when she was just 11 years old. Interestingly, her debut performance was as Annie in a theatre rendition of the musical Annie (talk about going full circle).

She continued acting after that, taking up tiny supporting parts in various TV shows including Law & Order, Red Widow, True Detective, and Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Meanwhile, she also performed some work for big-screen movies including Blood Father, Captain Fantastic, Monster Party and Driven, among others.

Yet “Starlight” didn’t truly shine on her until The Boys, where she portrayed Annie January, a figure from the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic book series. The actress is now working on the fourth season of the programme, which is currently in production.

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A Plastic Surgery History for Erin Moriarty?

Numerous individuals concur that Erin supposedly had the following treatments.


erin moriarty plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty sometimes referred to as a “nose job,” is a surgical operation that includes changing the shape of the nose. And it is widely assumed that the actress underwent this operation.

Several people observe that her nose is smaller today in comparison to the before photographs, and the tip seems more refined. She also no longer has the hump that was once evident at the bridge of her nose.

Others claim that before she had this alleged nose operation, she had a small asymmetry between her left and right nostrils.

Buccal Fat Elimination

Buccal fat reduction is another procedure that the Driven actress is rumoured to have had. In order to make the face structure more pronounced, fat pads in the cheek hollows are eliminated in this procedure.

Again, a lot of viewers picked up on this in the latter seasons of the show. While some said that weight reduction was likely to blame, others were more certain about the possibility of plastic surgery.

Blepharoplasty Speculations

It tries to remove extra skin and fat from the area surrounding the upper and lower eyelids and is also referred to as eyelid surgery. When done on the upper eyelids, it might accentuate the hollowness above the eyes.

Others presumed that because they saw it occur in some of Erin’s more recent photos, it was the result of yet more plastic surgery.

A V-Line Jaw Procedure Speculations

Add v-line jaw surgery to the list of surgeries Erin Moriarty reportedly underwent in addition to those already listed.

In this, the surgeon reshapes the face by shaving the chin and jawbone.

You may have heard that the actress had her jaw shaved in order to alter the contour of her face and make it appear more pointed rather than square.

 Boob Job Speculations

erin moriarty plastic surgery

Several people once again yelled “plastic surgery” when they saw Erin’s small body and some of her recent Instagram images showcasing her curves.

Many said that she underwent surgery to receive breast implants to increase the size of her breasts. Boob job is therefore included in the list of Erin Moriarty’s purported plastic procedures.

Injectables and Botox Speculations

It’s also rumoured that Erin underwent non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers.

In essence, fillers increase the volume of a certain region, like the lips or cheeks. On the other hand, Botox paralyses the muscles in a specific location to prevent deeper wrinkles from developing.

Erin is thought to have had Botox on her forehead along with lip and cheek fillers, which is supposedly the reason why her eyebrows now appear more arched.

Did Erin Moriarty Really Undergo These Procedures?

It doesn’t really appear that the actress has had any work done, except for rhinoplasty. The majority of her physical changes may be ascribed to losing weight and even ageing.

These adjustments, together with various makeup applications and lighting choices, could further create the appearance that the actress had worked done. However when comparing her before and after pictures, neither her eyes nor her body form has seen a significant alteration.

Her lips have always been larger in the centre, and they still are. Her lips may look larger than previously due to the sculpted face she has after losing weight, though. Her facial shape is also exactly the same as it was before, which is similar.

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Is There Anything Erin Moriarty Has Said Regarding Her Plastic Surgery?

erin moriarty plastic surgery

While Erin hasn’t addressed any of the rumours about plastic surgery, she has called out everyone who has made fun of her appearance.

Without a question, the conversation around her looks has been poisonous, with many using words like “ugly” and “old-looking” among a plethora of others.

She posted an article written by a show fan who had written on this very topic on Instagram.

She said, “I do feel silenced,” after that. I do feel less than human. Indeed, I’m paralysed. I’ve sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears for this part (again and over and over again), and I’ve matured into this character (*emphasis on matured since we change and develop in both mental and physical ways).

She said, “…I’ve opened up a vein for this part and this type of trolling is exactly what this role (Annie) would speak out against,” alluding to her on-screen persona.

It goes without saying that even if the actress had plastic surgery, it has nothing to do with them as it is her body.


Although Erin Moriarty’s face surgery has received a lot of attention, the actress really just underwent rhinoplasty at most. We can’t be certain if the actress underwent plastic surgery or not until she acknowledges it herself.

Weight reduction and the very normal process of ageing can account for the majority of the changes that people are noticing.

If you eat fewer carbohydrates and start burning them, you can decrease face fat. Moreover, face fat deteriorates with age, making the underlying tissues more obvious.

Always keep in mind that having plastic surgery is a personal choice, and whether you’re a celebrity or not, you should respect that.

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