Eric Bischoff’s Astounding Net Worth: The Business Mind Behind Wrestling!

One of the most influential figures in sports entertainment is Eric Bischoff, a famous television producer, manager, and sometimes wrestler. With his work with WCW, WWE, and TNA, he is well-known. He had a variety of businesses, including construction, Bishoff-Hervey, a production firm, and Buffalo Bill Cody Beer, a brewery in Cody, Wyoming.

His building, beer-brewing, and professional wrestling businesses account for the majority of his wealth.

Eric Bischoff’s projected net worth as of February 2023 is $12.5 Million.

Eric Bischoff’s Net Worth

As of February 2023, several online sources estimate Eric Bischoff’s net worth to be $12.5 million. Along with construction and brewing, his professional wrestling company was where he made his money. As Eric Bischoff owns businesses and has amassed a sizeable fortune via his professional wrestling career, his wealth has enabled him to live life on his terms. To become the man he is today, he advanced through the ranks.

Net Worth: $12.5 Million
Age: 67
Born: May 27, 1955
Gender: Male
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Wrestler
Last Updated: February 5, 2023

Before Fame

In Michigan, America, on May 27, 1955, Eric Aaron Bischoff was born.

He received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

After graduating from college, he began developing several company concepts.

Eric worked as a male model and afterward as a meat packer to help supplement his income. He would distribute steak to consumers personally while driving his truck around the local villages.

Soon after, he began managing a construction business, which became wildly profitable.

After stints as a professional kickboxer and veterinary assistant, he came to the conclusion that wrestling was what he really wanted to pursue.

In 1986, under Verne Gagne’s leadership in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Eric ultimately made the decision to sign up for the American Wrestling Association.

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Before the American Wrestling Association went out of business, Bischoff spent five years there. He joined WCW in 1991 as a commentator and in only two years rose to the position of Vice President of Wrestling Operations before being elevated to Senior Vice President in 1992.

Late in 1995, Eric debuted Nitro, and thanks to the enormous earnings, he quickly moved up the corporate ladder to become President of World Championship Wrestling. Once WWF acquired the business in 2001, they completely dismissed Eric after he established himself as a writer and on-screen presence.

This led him to join WWE, where he soon advanced to the position of General Manager of RAW. He spent three years working for WWE before being let go following a sexual relationship with a coworker and a fight with the illustrious John Cena.

In addition to being an on-screen personality and backstage producer, Eric joined TNA in 2010 and later returned to the position of General Manager. He then said that the corporation had lost control, which led to Eric departing and filing a lawsuit against the business.

In order to pursue a passion, he and actor and wrestling aficionado Jason Hervey founded their own production business, Bischoff-Hervey Productions.

The production firm mostly produced reality television series in 2017, including “Girls Gone Wild,” “Scott Baio is 45…and Single,” “I Want to Be a Hilton,” and several more.

Eric hasn’t been on television as much lately as he once was. He did, however, make his first appearance since 2000 in 2020, on TNT. At an Inner Circle Press Conference in 2021, he made an appearance on “Dynamite” and afterward threw a party for the conference.

He has shared the stage with legendary wrestlers like Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Kane, and Hulk Hogan.

Awards and Achievements

Eric performed a variety of professional wrestling roles in management and the ring, therefore he didn’t completely fulfill his potential as a championship wrestler.

Yet because of his abilities, he was able to win at least one championship as well as a number of other awards throughout his career.

Here are some of Eric Bischoff’s most notable professional moments:

  • In 2021, Eric was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • He received two Pro Wrestling Illustrated “Feud of the Year” awards, one in 1996 and the other in 2002.
  • He received two Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards in 1996 for “Best Gimmick” and “Feud of the Year.”
  • At the Georgia Dome, he captured the WCW World Heavyweight Title in 1998.
  • In 2005, Eric won the “Best Non-Wrestler Award.”

We are unlikely to see Eric on the winner’s podium again because of his diminished prominence in wrestling. His production firm is still quite busy, though, and he will undoubtedly continue to make great films in the years to come.

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Personal Life

In 1984, Eric wed Loree, and the two of them had two kids: Montanna and Garett.

His son continued in his father’s footsteps and made his TNA debut in 2010 as a wrestler and subsequently as a referee.

He presently resides in Arizona with his family, where they enjoy a lavish lifestyle while assisting Eric in running his brewery.


While pursuing his other business objectives, Eric has developed into one of the top sports entertainers in the wrestling industry.

He has established a booming film production firm in addition to becoming the most prosperous TV producer in World Wrestling.

Despite his setbacks and some poor luck, he left a lasting impression on sports entertainment. In the near future, Eric is unlikely to compete much, but he still has a lot of projects in the works to keep him occupied.

Eric Bischoff’s projected net worth as of February 2023 is $12.5 Million.


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