Epic Games acquires ArtStation to boost its portfolio

According to the latest news, a company blog post has revealed that Epic Games has acquired ArtStation. The post stated that ArtStation allows creators in games, media, and entertainment to develop and share portfolios, discover job opportunities, and make a living. The company will be granted the right to operate independently after collaborating with the Unreal Engine team.

The blog post also mentioned that Epic will be reducing ArtStation fees to allow creators “even more value”. ArtStation Learning will also be available for free.

Epic Games acquires ArtStation to boost its portfolio

Unreal Engine Vice President and General Manager Marc Petit wrote in the post, “We are thrilled that ArtStation is joining Epic as we work to accelerate the development and growth of the creator community worldwide. The ArtStation leadership team brings tremendous talent and an unparalleled track record of supporting a vibrant creator community and ecosystem. We look forward to working with them to provide creators with access to even more resources and tools, empowering them to do their best work.”

Leonard Teo, ArtStation CEO and Co-Founder wrote, “Over the last seven years, we’ve worked hard to enable creators to showcase their work, connect with opportunities and make a living doing what they love. As part of Epic, we will be able to advance this mission and give back to the community in ways that we weren’t able to on our own, while retaining the ArtStation name and spirit.”

It is worth mention that last year, Epic Games bought London based children’s websites and apps publisher, SuperAwesome and its Kids Web Services.

At that time, Dylan Collins, SuperAwesome Co-Founder and CEO said his company provides a safe internet experience to children so by partnering with Epic, the company gets a bigger opportunity to deliver to a wider audience.

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