Enormous Fortune of Stephen Hung from “Bling Empire”! What’s His Source of Income?

stephen hung net worth

Hung Stephen Background: Macau and Las Vegas luxury hotel and casino corporation Louis XIII Holdings was founded and is headed by Stephen Hung. He also has a sizable investment in Sands China and MGM China. He has been working in the entertainment sector since the 1990s, producing a range of movies and TV shows.

In recent years, he has made a name for himself as an investor in high-end properties, notably in Asia. He is renowned for being a generous humanitarian as well as a clever and intelligent investor. The career, wealth, and investments of Stephen Hung will be examined in this piece.

Stephen Hung Was Born Wealthy

stephen hung net worth

Being the successful real estate businessman that his father was, Stephen Hung was born into riches. He continued his studies after high school at Columbia and USC, where he earned an MBA. Stephen utilized the family’s real estate knowledge in the banking sector, where he swiftly attained success.

Stephen quickly attained the position of Co-Head of Investment Banking for Asia at Merrill Lynch. He has also held the positions of vice chairman of eSun Holdings and non-executive director of AcrossAsia Limited, a Lippo Group affiliate. Stephen established his investment company on the foundation of his extensive expertise and subsequent success in the field. After some time, he made the decision to dabble in building hotels and resorts.

Since 2013, Stephen has been in charge of the development of a resort in Macau, China, under the Louis XII Holdings Limited name. Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme joined him. The 13 was the name of the project when it was completed in 2017. Unfortunately, the firm ran into problems since it wasn’t legally allowed to operate as a casino and couldn’t get the money it needed.

Stephen served as co-chairman of The 13 Holdings Limited, a corporation that catered to extremely successful and rich Chinese entrepreneurs. Despite their best efforts, the initiative’s architects were never able to achieve the degree of success they had envisioned.

The 13 Holdings Limited’s engineering firm, Paul Y Engineering, later sold 52 percent of its shares. Stephen is still the chairman of The Taipan Investment Group and a very successful businessman despite this setback. Vice Chairman is his title at Rio Entertainment Group.

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Stephen Hung’s Net Worth

Hung Stephen The wealthy rich businessman Stephen Hung has a $400 million net worth. Stephen Hung attended both Columbia and USC for his studies. He worked at Merrill Lynch Asia in the financial industry. Through investment banking and property development, he accumulated his wealth. Together with his model wife Deborah Valdez, he has two kids.

Hung is the president of Louis XIII Holdings. He plans to establish the Louis XIII casino in Macau, which is said to have the most costly hotel room in the world, with monthly rates of about $130,000 and private boutique jewelry starting at $1 million.

The bare minimum to bet at the casino tables is $650. Hung was conceived to wealthy real estate business parents. The intern arrived at work in a Rolls-Royce every day. For Louis XIII, he bought thirty Rolls-Royces, which cost about $20 million.

Bling Empire: New York claims that Stephen Hung and his wife, Deborah Valdez-Hung, actually have a far greater combined net worth of $2 billion than the web sources claim.


stephen hung net worth

Hung holds degrees in business administration from both Columbia University and the University of Southern California. Hung co-led Merrill Lynch’s investment banking division in the region of Asia. He eventually started his own investing company. Hung has also held positions as a non-executive director of AcrossAsia Limited, a division of the Lippo Group, and vice chairman of eSun Holdings.

With the help of Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme, he started building the Louis XIII in Macau in 2013, a luxury casino and resort. By 2017 (when it was given the new name “The 13”), the project had been lavishly built, but it was still having financial problems and had not yet opened or been given a casino license.

Extremely affluent politicians and the corporate elite of the People’s Republic of China were the principal targets of 13 Holdings Limited, Hung’s main vehicle, and the project’s running firm. But in 2014, when Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping visited Macau for its 15th anniversary as a Special Administrative Region and expressed his government’s displeasure with such ostentatious excess as part of his anti-corruption campaign, the project’s objectives were severely harmed. Paul Y Engineering, the company’s engineering division, sold almost 52 percent of its shares.

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Deborah Hung: Wife of Stephen Hung

stephen hung net worth

Deborah and Stephen will have been married for 11 years in January 2023. They still seem to be very happy with each other. They often go to events together and are especially involved in the fashion world. Even though a lot of websites say that the power couple has two kids together, it doesn’t seem to be true. In fact, in the first season of the Netflix show, the beautiful model talked about their plans (or lack of plans, as far as the public knows) for future additions to the Hung family.

Since Deborah and Stephen got married, people have been asking them all the time if they are going to have a child. The Mexican fashionista says that she has been asked this question more often lately, which makes her feel awkward. She said, “They don’t know what’s going on with me.” “They don’t know if I really want or can’t, if Stephen can’t or doesn’t want. People just make me mad.” In other words, she thinks this line of questioning is rude and would rather just spend time with her husband and make a difference in the world. And Stephen’s thoughts are the same.

she has been in the headlines before due to her diamond-coated pink Rolls-Royce.


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