End of Career for Eriksen as Italy has BAN culture


Disheartening news for Christian Eriksen as he might not play anymore for Inter Milan after the cardiac arrest and Italy has ban on such players.

The football fans around the world witnessed a dark tragedy with silver lining clouds. Christian Eriksen of Denmark collapsed during their 1st EURO game against Finland on field.

His teammates and their medical staff provided immediate CPR to bring him back to life. Report says that his heart was certainly dead for few seconds. Danish teammates made a human guard to escort him out of the pitch.

Doctors rushed him to local hospital, where they reported him stable and presently under observation.

Italy will BAN Eriksen in their Country

Several doctors have suggested that Christian Eriksen should not play any sport which require physical tenacity. Hence, his career as a player is certainly over. No doctors or team would want to take the risk of playing a recovered patient from cardiac arrest.

Even Inter Milan will not be able to field Christian Eriksen next season, as Italy has a ban on such players. With such law in the country, Italy has managed to reduce deaths in sport from more than 3% to less than 1%.

Hence, Christian Eriksen will have to consider a career in either coaching or management, if he wants to stick around football.

Replacement for Eriksen in Inter Milan

Inter Milan has started to look for a replacement next season. Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona seems to have similar characteristics with Eriksen. And Barcelona will certainly be more than happy to sell Coutinho to Inter.

Philippe Coutinho has played at Inter Milan before joining Liverpool. Hence, a return seems very much possible this summer.