Emma Grede Net Worth: How Much Does Businesswoman Earn?

emma grede net worth

Emma Grede is a British entrepreneur who has founded and serves as CEO of Good American, is a founding partner of Skims, and founded and serves as CEO of Safely.

The Beginnings

Grade grew up in the East London neighborhood of London. Her mother, Jenny-Lee Findlay, is English and worked for Morgan Stanley; her father is from Jamaica and Trinidad. She is the oldest of three younger sisters: Katie-Beth, Rachelle, and Charlotte. Growing up, she lived with her mother in London’s Plaistow area. In college, she focused on the business at London’s prestigious Institute of the Arts. She left school in order to take an internship at Gucci.

Income and Resources

emma grede net worth

Forbes claims that Grede’s 8% stake in Skims accounts for the bulk of her personal wealth. In the first half of 2022, it was estimated to be worth over $3.2 billion. In addition, she has 22% ownership in Safely and 23% in Good American.

Although her stakes in BRADY and Frame are relatively modest in terms of valuation, she nonetheless reaps substantial benefits from both companies. She also leads the 15% Pledge, an initiative that promotes businesses owned by people of color. As of right now, Emma Grede has a cool $360 million in cash and assets in the bank.

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In 1997, Emma enrolled at the London College of Fashion because she was so passionate about pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Upon completing her undergraduate studies in 2001, she immediately began working for Inca Productions.

She was in charge of the firm’s sponsorship and endorsements when she was there. She later joined ITB in 2008 with the goal of doing even more. First, she served as ITB’s Managing Director, and then as its Chief Executive Officer.

After thereafter, Emma became Chairman of ITB, where she worked with major brands like H&M, Calvin Klein, and Net-a-Porter.

Despite her enviable standing, though, Emma yearned to accomplish something truly remarkable. She has a strong network of famous people, including designers, businesses, influencers, and reality television personalities, all of whom she has successfully courted through a combination of cunning and persistence.

Emma had a business plan to manufacture denim in a variety of sizes to accommodate women of various body types. She was inspired by how useful and original the concept was, and she felt ready to present it to anyone who happened to cross her path. She quit her job at ITB confident that her company plan would be successful.

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Intimate & Personal

emma grede net worth

In terms of her private life, it would be fair to say that Emma Grede is somewhat private. There is currently no information to reveal who her parents were or what her childhood was like.

Nonetheless, Jens Grede is aware that Emma Grede is married to him. First, she and Jens worked together, and then their friendship blossomed into something more personal. The couple tied the knot on July 28, 2008, and now they are parents to two little ones. Grey, their son, and Lola, their daughter, were born to them.

And as her interviews revealed, she hoped to teach her children the values she had been taught by her own working-class parents. Emma Grede devotes a great deal of time and energy to charitable work and empowering women as the Baby2Baby ambassador.

She is the type of successful entrepreneur who not only wants other women to achieve their full potential, but also believes that they can. She makes an effort to be a good mother on top of being a successful businesswoman by devoting considerable time to her kids.

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