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President Donald Trump on emergency declaration in United States of America

Donald trump on emergency declaration

President Donald Trump on emergency in America

The United States of America is facing an internal issue after the declaration of her president, Donald Trump, last week and there have been different law officials standing up against him. According to Donald Trump, there will be the building of walls so as to prevent immigrants from coming into the country and avoiding certain problems such as overpopulation, human trafficking, etc.

The declaration made by Donald Trump will be the 59th National emergency declaration to be made by presidents of the United States since the introduction of the National Emergency Acts.

Some of the declarations of Trump includes the great announcement the country has in relation to Syria and the success they achieved by the eradication of the Syria caliphates, dealing with series of issues related to human trafficking across the borders of the country has been an important part of the Trumps administration and other things.

Donald trump on emergency declaration

This declaration majorly was made so as to help to improve with the security if the country’s border and according to his claims, Trump is planning to use all means to source for funds so as to be able to build walls and build a better military defense for the country.

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However, this declaration has been a major problem in the United States as it will obstruct the power of the Legislative and their plans and what they have been working so hard to achieve might not come to a realization. Various attorneys from different cities in the United States including an attorney from Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, and others so as to prevent what they claim as “the president trying to steal money away from Americans and states that have been allocated by the Congress“. This declaration is yet to be effective and Americans are trying as much as possible to put a stop to this.

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