Ellen Pompeo Teases Fate of Grey’s Character Following That End

Can Be Meredith Grey.

. .dead?

Grey’s Anatomy stunned enthusiasts throughout its period 17 premiere on Thursday, Nov. 12, when Patrick Dempsey produced a surprise return to the beloved show. In the close of the event, viewers viewed as Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) dropped in the parking lot later working out a challenging change amid the continuing pandemic. The display then cut into a shore, at which Derek Shepherd (Dempsey) could be found calling out Meredith’s title. As fans will know, Derek expired during a 2015 installment of the ABC series.

Therefore, what exactly does this imply to Meredith? That is exactly what Jimmy Kimmel–along with the full Grey’s Anatomy fanbase–needs to understand. 

Following the episode aired, Pompeo almost appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to deal with fate of her personality. While Pompeo could not convey much, she didn’t show that she had been in work”yesterday” therefore, as Kimmel stated to Pompeo,”OK great then you are alive. Or perhaps you’re a ghost visiting the hospital, or perhaps you’re in a coma or anything like this.”

Kimmel then inquired,”Do you like this if you must be only at a yawn and sleep like half a year?”

shooting a pause, Pompeo played , responding,”Huh?”

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