Ellen DeGeneres’tormented household employees ‘,” ex-staffer asserts

Ellen DeGeneres ‘tormented household workers’, ex-staffer claims

Amid mounting asserts that Ellen DeGeneres produced a poisonous work environment in her chat show, the bunch has been accused of”tormenting” her family staffers.

The Daily Mail reports that a individual claiming to have worked one of DeGeneres and spouse Portia de Rossi’s California houses for many months in recent years told the site that DeGeneres’ alleged behavior behind the scenes of her series was nothing in comparison to her at-home character.

“My perception is that a person’s real character comes out in home,” the unnamed ex-staffer allegedly said. “So after all that’s been mentioned about her work, it is possible to imagine how dreadful Ellen will be in your home when her guard is down”

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Even the ex-employee allegedly alleged that DeGeneres gave staffers a daily collection of functionality complaints by the last afternoon, record trivial matters like her java not being frothed for her liking, meals being served in the inappropriate bowl or a employee leaving the salt shaker in the incorrect place.

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DeGeneres also supposedly called a chef out for utilizing the guest toilet plus a maid service for needing to place a bit of crap from the recycling bin, according to the Daily Mail’s source.

The prior staffer also promised DeGeneres, 62, could”lay creatures” by departing matches throughout the home to be certain her employees dusted and washed each square inch of her house, each the accounts.

“She treated you as if you’re nothing,” maintained the former staffer, according to the record, including that DeGeneres could”shout” and had a”incredibly condescending tone”.

“She had been going to kiss you and you’re only going to sit and hear it since you were paid.”

DeGeneres also supposedly”takes delight” in shooting her employees, the ex-employee allegedly claimed.

“I had been advised that she had a rather substantial turnover which I must remain beneath the radar as far as you can to avoid as much direct contact Ellen as you can. Working there was clarified as being much more like a boot camp,” the individual said, including:”Ellen was the oddest man I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

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The former staffer, who wasn’t named in the title, asserted to have been revived after functioning for DeGeneres to get a month or two, but didn’t specify a motive for its conclusion.

“I was constantly stressed out and over the point of tears. I recall going home occasionally believing I simply hated my entire life,” that the ex-staffer claimed. “You stick it outside as stopping seems terrible for the resume but everyone in Hollywood knows what is happening there.”

DeGeneres’ rep told Page Six of those asserts:”It was just one individual who is job (the Daily Mail) stated they couldn’t fully confirm but they went forward with the story anyhow. A number of the claims from the narrative are matters that were outside in websites by other’resources’ and in speaking to folks working for Ellen aren’t correct.”

DeGeneres was in hot water following former workers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show enticed the host of producing a poisonous work environment so she is not as good as she appears on TV.

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WarnerMedia is exploring the allegations against top executives in the series, including sexual misconduct, harassment and attack. The TV host has issued an apology.

Meanwhile, a number of DeGeneres’ A-list pals have come out in support of this comic throughout her fall from grace, although some ‘ are siding with the accusers.

After allegations, the series ousted three senior manufacturers and increased worker perks.

DeGeneres yesterday declared her chat show will go back to US screens on September 21 and that she pledged to tackle the nasty allegations which were levelled at her lately.

“I can not wait to return to work back into the realm,” DeGeneres said. “And, yes, we are gonna discuss doing it.”

This article initially appeared on the New York Post and has been copied with consent

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