Elle Macpherson denies she’s engaged to anti-vaccine campaigner Andrew Wakefield

Elle Macpherson denies she is engaged to anti-vaccine campaigner Andrew Wakefield

Elle Macpherson has put the record straight concerning these participation rumours.

The model has been dating contentious anti-vaccine campaigner Andrew Wakefield because 2018.

Wakefield finalised his divorce by his wife Carmel final month and before that week Macpherson was seen wearing a enormous ring at a buddy’s Instagram photograph.

The film sparked involvement rumours, however, a spokesperson for its version told The Daily Telegraph there is no truth to the rumours.

“Elle often wears her Yoga band onto her’marriage’ finger… it is only a rumour,” the spokesperson said.


Andrew Wakefield has been a physician before being prohibited from practising medicine in 2010. He’s an integral participant in the contentious anti-vaxxer motion, and has been discovered to have falsely linked the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism.

Once he released a controversial paper in 1998, vaccination levels fell drastically in the UK (from approximately 90 percent to 70 percent ). His theories have been in 2004 when they had been discovered to be centered on”false evidence”.

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Based on writer Brian Deer, with a brand new novel about Wakefield known as The Doctor Who Fooled The Earth, the couple met when the version was seated alongside Wakefield in an anti-vaccination occasion.

“They had been introduced in an anti-vax occasion they were invited to at Orlando (Florida) in which they had been sat alongside each other,” Mr Deer told News Corp Australia. “It is what anti-vaxxers do, so they’ve put him with the largest celebrity they’ve at the time and that is just how it took off”

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