Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley announced their marriage

Bob marley and eliza marriage

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Marriage

The fans of the 100 might have been hit by a bolt of lightning, as of now. Most probably, after they heard that Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor have already tied their nuptial knot very soon. Recently, both the actors took it to Twitter to announce their marriage to the world. The couple kept their relationship extremely secret from the world, and they are together for six years now. 

Both Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor star in the famous CW Drama, The 100. Eliza Taylor, 29-year-old actress took it to her Instagram profile and shared a photo where the couple was holding hands. On the other hand, the picture also showcases that Taylor is holding a bouquet. In the post, Taylor wrote that the couple got married recently, with her soulmate and best friend, Bob Morley.

Moreover, the couple is happy with each other. And Taylor made a special request to the fans by saying that if they comment, then there should be kind enough. According to Taylor, she likes that the couple is getting the privacy that they need for the time being.

What did Bob Morley have to say regarding their marriage?

Bob Morley, 34, also came up with similar sentiments concerning their marriage. In the social networking sites, Bob Morley said that with all that he is, with all his heart, he calls his girlfriend turned wife Eliza Taylor, his beloved wife. According to Morley, the marriage and the relationship that each of them shares is something that they cherish significantly.

Just like Taylor, Morley also told his fans that they should be respectful towards one another. Most of the fans didn’t believe if the marriage between Rachel & Bob is real or not. However, Jason Rothenberg, the creator of The 100 also sent his best wishes to the couple on this special occasion.

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