Elin Nordegren, A Former Lover of Tiger Woods, Claims that The Erica Herman Lawsuit Is Not of Concern to Her!

Elin Nordegren, a Former Lover of Tiger Woods, Claims that The Erica Herman Lawsuit Is Not of Concern to Her!

A source tells Media that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, has no interest in the recent lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Herman, 38, is suing Woods, 47, claiming she is entitled to $30 million since Woods evicted her from his home prior to the expiration of an “oral agreement” allowing her to be there for another five years.

In the months following the filing of the case in December, Herman filed a separate complaint asking for relief from a non-disclosure agreement. She referenced a provision that allows nondisclosure agreements to be voided in cases of sexual assault, but she has not made any public claims against Woods.

A source close to Nordegren, whose 2010 divorce from Woods was publicly publicized, states that she has “no interest” in his personal life, including the case.

The insider tells Media, “This area of Tiger’s life is irrelevant to her.” “She is uninterested in his personal life or the status of his girlfriends. The period of her life ended many years ago.”

People contacted Woods’s agents for comment. Unsuccessful attempts to contact Nordegren were made.

Elin Nordegren, a Former Lover of Tiger Woods, Claims that The Erica Herman Lawsuit Is Not of Concern to Her!

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According to the source, tensions between Nordegren and Woods have subsided since their divorce more than a decade ago, despite rumors of Woods’ extramarital affairs. According to the source, they have a cordial relationship because of their two children, Sam Alexis, 15, and Charlie Axel, 14.

The insider tells Media that Elin and Tiger are on excellent terms for the sake of their children. “She would never return with him, but she appreciates his fatherhood. She has observed this over the years, which has contributed to their harmonious relationship. They co-parent quite effectively.”

“Of course, she must make certain that Tiger’s children are safe and happy around whomever he dates, especially if the relationship grows serious,” the source continues. “In this manner, she is extremely intrigued. Yet, not on much else.”

According to a second source, Woods and Nordegren are “nice” to one another but do not have a conventional “friendship.”

They explain that the majority of their interactions revolve around the children. In comparison to previous divorces involving children, this one has been very amicable.

The source continues, “The children enjoy nice lives with both parents, which speaks to their maturity and ability to set aside old problems.”

Moreover, Nordegren and former NFL player Jordan Cameron share a young baby.

Elin Nordegren, a Former Lover of Tiger Woods, Claims that The Erica Herman Lawsuit Is Not of Concern to Her!

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As previously reported by PEOPLE, according to a move made by Woods’ Trust’s attorneys, Herman and the golfer signed an agreement on August 9, 2017, in which both parties waived their rights to a trial by judge or jury for matters that must be referred to obligatory binding arbitration.

Lawyers representing Woods’ Trust assert, essentially, that by suing her ex-boyfriend, Herman is flagrantly neglecting her “duty to resolve all disagreements with Mr. Woods through confidential binding arbitration.”

Woods’ Trust voiced concern in the motion on “the publicity that is expected to follow” the case, given his celebrity status.

According to the move of the Trust, “Ms. Herman wrongfully tries to compel Mr. Woods to pay her an amount that no arbitral forum would ever award. This level of deceit should not be condoned.”

Herman is suing for substantial monetary damages, injunctive relief, and attorney fees under the Florida Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, according to court filings.

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