Mini confirms electric Mini Convertible will arrive in 2025

According to the latest news, MINI boss Bernd Korber has confirmed that MINI Convertible is going to be an electric vehicle. However, he also confirmed that it is not going to arrive until 2025 which is two years after a new MINI Hatch launches.

As of now, if you are looking to buy a small ‘Premium’ electric convertible, you have a very limited choice. Perhaps the only notable premium electric vehicle currently available in the market is Fiat 500 C Electric. There is no doubt that in the coming days, we are going to have more small electric convertibles and one of them would be the MINI Convertible Electric.

The MINI Convertible has a large and loyal fan base. Bernd Korber has confirmed that MINI Convertible is going to come only in 2025 but as per rumors and speculations, MINI might come with an all-new MINI in 2023. As per reports, this 2023’s model is going to be smaller than the current MINI.

The current generation of MINI doesn’t auger too well for a room in the back so, with the new model, the company might fix this. It should be noted that by the time, MINI Convertible Electric arrives, the industry will be flooded with electric convertibles from many rivals.

Especially, the small electric convertible segment will have many new manufacturers by that time.

MINI’s current generation Convertible accounted for good sales in countries like Germany so MINI clearly doesn’t want to lose out on the opportunity.

Maria Janulis
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