Eddie Van Halen’s Original Guitar Body Rush Tonight Up to Sale

Eddie Van Halen's Original Guitar Body Rest Patent Up for Sale


Eddie Van Halen‘s musical genius is unquestioned — turns out That the Man was a Small design wiz Also, along with Also the nuts and bolts of His Own iconic Creations could be yours to Possess.

Memorabilia collector Eric Kuck informs TMZ… he possesses a first U.S. patent Eddie filed in 1985. It has a mockup Eddie filed because of his”musical tool support” apparatus, which is actually only a guitar human remainder that enabled him to free both handson.

Kuck says he has the OG drawings — that Are Extremely comprehensive and completely rad — and the certification of credibility using Eddie’s John Hancock… so people know it is legit.

Kuck’s intending to market it at a silent auction in his brother Tampa-area company, Carrollwood Fine Wine and Spirits — bidding moves from Oct. 15 into Nov. 15.

Preferably, Kuck desires a person from Eddie’s family to evaluate his own treasure. He’d be happy to work together with all the Van Halen household within an arrangement if they were curious.

As to how far the patent docs might bring, Kuck informs us that the sky’s the limit… particularly since Eddie passed out only a week following a lengthy struggle with cancer. FWIW, Kuck says that he compensated 800 to its paperwork 15 years back through a auction… of course, it would be worth far more today.

One final thing… Kuck states some of the profits will be contributed to the American Cancer Society and the Free Rider Fellowship Church in Plant City, Florida.

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